Day 136 Leaving Anaconda

Aug 27th

Wow what another great sleep.

I sleepily got up and headed for the bathroom did my chores then stepped into the shower the  stream of hot water woke me  up and I was soon ready for the day.

I quickly dressed then headed to the breakfast room.

Monk was sat  eating breakfast so  asked  so I joined him.

We discussed all the different options of resupply and towns.

I think the choices that I have made look good  but time will soon tell.

I headed back to my room and finished packing. Leaving a box of bounced clothes  behind. ( I have bounced them since Mexico  ) I then quickly updated my journal  then I was ready.

I did a quick  tidy of the room  then it was time to go. 

I hoisted up my pack then did one last scan of the room before leaving.

I walked across the road  and  headed out. 

It was about a 5 mile road walk then onto a dirt toad for another 15 miles before rejoining the official CDT.

I took a few photos  as I walked out and along the highway.  I planned on walking but if someone stops to offer me a ride then I would take it. (I feel I’m not hitching then )

I hadn’t gone far when a big black pickup pulls up behind me.

Where you heading comes the voice.

Warm Springs I say  or near to the intersection. 

He ponders for a moment before saying mmm I’m not doing anything I’ll take  you.

I put my pack on the back seat and climb in. We chat away as we drive until we notice another hiker  and so we slow down in case he wants a ride.

God yes he replies and climbs in. His name is Boat, I havnt seem him before

 We drive along passing the local prison and the asylum. 

Don’t think i would have got a hitch near here Boat replies.

I have to laugh .

Then we are at the intersection  

Brilliant we both thank our driver  and set off up the trail.

It’s now  warm and the next water is in 7ish miles. Easy  I think !!

The trail is a dirt road but looks heavily used. Boat seems to be on a mission and is soon in the distance.

I like this as it helps me see where I am heading.

I was in no hurry as I made my along the road. I crossed several bridge’s  standing  off the road when cars came towards me. Eventually the  toad  took a sharp  left and became more agricultural. Huge water irrigation sprinklers  stood like giants in the fields  their trye tracks marking their  route  through the crops. 

These things amazed me and I had to stop and stare.  By now Boat was out of sight as I meadered along just enjoying the scenery .

A pickup passed me then slowed to turn up a fenced  road. As the driver  got out  he came and chatted asking about my hike  before unhooking the fence to drive through. Then he wished me well  and stay safe before he  reattached  the gate and drove off

I continued  along passing several ranches.  There were several horses in the field so I went to say  hi. I just love all  of their colourings .

Just past this ranch the trail took a sharp right and pased over a cattle  grid (Guard) I could see the trail snake up and over the hills . I groaned  but pressed  on and once around the next corner was pleased to see that ,that road was not the one i would be taking, although I was certain that there would be some climbing sometime today.

When I’m hiking I stop and look behind me as often there is a far more exciting view behind than infront.

And this was true today,  the mountains behind looked amazing and there was also Boat.

Had he gone wrong or stopped somewhere for lunch??

It was lunch….good call I thought and at  the next tree with shade I would do the same.

See you up trail Boat I said as he went past. 

I only took 10 minutes as I was keen to crush miles and get to the next water .

I ate a few snacks and guzzled  some water. Then it was back to the trail.

The trail now decided to meander and I was concerned I had gone wrong as it headed straight to a farm but the road snaked through it. To my right were fields of cows and sheep I hadn’t seen sheep since new Mexico.

I continued along  the twisty windy road. Then the scenery changed and fields  were replaced with rock as the trail began to climb.

On my right  ran a brook bubbling  and  gurgling as it made its way down the hill.

I checked my app water was getting closer but still a long way away so I didnt want to get water and carry it up the hill.

As I  pushed on ,several cars came down towards me the last one slowing  down  to “wish me well and to  stay safe out there”

I thanked him and  carried on.

After about an hour I crossed over another cattle grid and too my right I could see a backpack sat underneath tree

It was Boat who had stopped for water.


Best get water here snail as the comments on the next water are not good.

Thanks Boat I said and dropped my pack.we ended chatting for about 10 minutes before Boat left.

I grabbed my bottles and headed down to the stream. I will filter later I decided. 

I had just put on my pack and climbed back up to the road when a big  maroon pickup stopped.

Do you want a ride up to the top

God yes please I replied

It was an older couple with their grandchildren. 

He got out and opened up the back of the truck.

I hoisted up my pack and got in.

What about the other hiker in front he asked?

He may want a ride or he may refuse I said . But I’m sure he would like to be asked. 

It wasn’t long until we caught up with Boat.

And he too was soon in the back of the pickup with me.

As we drove I’m sure we passed Special K and Anvilxamping in a nearby field

Omg  we are back on the Cdt. We thanked our driver who was really interested in our hike and our route. 

Okay  onwards  Boat.

I set off after him and OMG we both appeared to gave the same pace and so were cruising as we told each other our hiking stories and adventures.

At 6 I decided I was ready to stop and began to look for suitable spot. Boat likes to hike until 8pm so I left him to it .

I found a spot and quickly put up my tent and began to cook.

Once finished I tidied up and got into my tent just as the wind got up. It was then that i noticed the  widow maker across and thought bugger  please don’t fall on me  and closed my tent

Mileage.  22 ( tot 27)


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