DAY 134 & 135 Anaconda


Well what a sleep…

I struggled up and headed for breakfast.  There was a lot of choice. I made some waffles  grabbed coffee and relaxed several juices later  and I was full.

I returned to my  room  got organised and then  headed to the libary 1 mile at the other end of town.

On the way I passed a hardware store so checked to see if they had fuel ..they had and were extremely helpful.

Okay onwards as I made my way up the road  I was amazed at all the different types of houses  some really nice, others not so much. As I walked I came to a Dollar general so popped in as somrimes they have bargains wow they have spam singles ( Hsvnt seen these gor a while ) so I brought  several and a few other thing. Okay to the post office.

I retrieved 2 boxes and bounced  1 to Glacier. I also grabbed 2 boxes for resuppling ahead.

Okay  libary  next. I walked past the local cinema  which  was really retro . But  not today, I found  the libary and the  assistant  gave me a code to use a PC.

First I downloaded my friend’s spreadsheet of items I had sent him . Then a map of Glacier  to book my campsites but I may wait until i get there to book. (Could be a mistake )

Okay postoffice chase. Today I managed to register my missing boxes  I hadn’t been able to before. It was then I realised I was missing another box that should have been delivered . I will chase this later

Okay thst was a successful visit. As I was about to leave the rain began to fall in buckets I waited  as I didn’t want my boxes damaged.

It eventually stopped so I made a break . But as I passed a bar it began to rain again so I took refuge. 

I just was finishing a beer when Anvil and special-K arrived  they looked like drowned rats as they had ,had a ride in the back of a pickup when the heavens opened.

I had a couple more beers then headed home.

I dropped my gear then went across to McDonald’s I ordered a burger  and fries

Then headed back. I woofed my burger and fries then began to sort through my boxes.

I had planned to send a box to benchmark ranch so filled a box with that food and then sorted out the food to carry out from here.

Okay done .I will take to the post office tomorrow. 

Okay relax  time   ..but I then decided to  book another night to enable me  to  do more chores  tomorrow.

DAY 135  2nd zero

AUG 26th

Okay  yet another great sleep.

I head for  breakfast Monk is here so I join him and chat about the trail what towns was he going to compared with mine.

Next was the the grocery store to get a few more bits ,some fruit  and a frozen meal for later.

Okay I added a few more bits to  the resupply box and for me to carry. 

I then went through my pack and a box that I had been bouncing. The spare clothes I took to the thirft shop ,I then boxed the rest to send to my freind in Texas. Typically as soon as seal the  box  there is stuff still left on my bed..F**k oh well  I’m going to leave that. 

News shoes pair 5

I head up to the post office with my two boxes, meetings Heavy and Special K on the way.

Heavy heads off to the barbers Special k and I continue on.

Once there I send my boxes 

okay done and my missing Box is here great.

Okay back to my room but as I pass the bar it begins raining again so quickly run in..

Sat at the bar is heavy so I join him for a beer Special K then arrives. After acouple of beers  Heavy decides its time for lunch  so I join them and head to Donovans

As we walk there we pass Heavy and Mouse in a coffee bar and invite them to join us.

I order deep fried cheese which is scrumpy  followed by a pasty for my mains. sadly the pasty  is poor and un appetising.

But the company is great 

Once back to my room I decided to check on my flight home.But I am unable to find the second’s missing from my intinary 

Panick hopefully it’s now all sorted. Next to chase my replacement hiking poles as the appear to be stuck  in customs  in I may not get them.

Okay all done.i began to pack up  and then I can relax.

Okay im out tomorrow 

Milage  zero 

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