DAY 133 Heading to Anaconda Day 4


I slept well considering the storm hit at midnight and I wondered  if  my location was wise?

I was awake early but the wind still howled so I waited for it to calm before attempting to  drop my tent. As it can easily get damaged  with the wild gusts.

Okay we are out of here.

Could I make town today ?… that would be good.But it all depends on the terrain.

The trail climbed for severalminutes before dropping  down the side of the mountain.

The trail was  really good wide and clear and with great switchbacks .

I soon arrived at my first lake of the day. As I have said before I have seen so many but every one has its own beauty and this one was no exception. The trail  goes around it before heading up . Half way up I need to stop to remove a layer as I’m over heating. 

Then back to the trail, I’m surprised how good the trail is. It’s fairly flat and I’m crushing  miles. I push on but decide to stop at the next water for  lunch

I’m feeling great as I stomp  along and soon the next lake appears.  I find a suitable log and drop my pack. Once again I take a few  minute’s to stare at the amaxing expanse of water before me. 

I make another cup- of- soup  but use 2 packets  this time. OMG  this is so tasty ,why hadn’t I made soup before ?.

Okay miles  needed.

I headed off and entered another  forest  and was surprised at the trail maintenance bridge’s  new signage updated and logs and wood waiting  to be built.into something (bridge’s?)

I exited from the forest  onto a path lined with young fir trees.

This path  was fairly straight and appeared to go on for several miles.  I pushed on crossing several more new bridges until I came to a T-junction.i  stopped to consulted my app and then headed right..

Once again I was on a wide clear path that appeared to head down. I am so loving  this section

I continued on until I reached the trail head. Omg I’m not far from town. 

The trail now became the forest road  and so it  wouldnt be long until i hit the main road.

I made my way along until I came to a huge rectangular box.

This was called the “flume”

It was once 3.5 miles long and carried excess water down the mountain. What an amaxing engineering feet. It has since been replaced  by pipe.

But I was fascinated.

Okay onwards…as I continued there were a few dozen workmen installing fibre into the ground. They had a lot of heavy kit that was fairly impressive.

Okay im at the road  it was fairly busy  but  the trail soon veered off to the safety of a side road.

I put in my ear buds and turned up the music.

Soon I am at my motel and  relaxing what a great day .

Shower. Beer relax



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