DAY 132 Heading to Anaconda Day 3

Aug 23rd

It took a few attempts to get up but I was on trail just before seven and was so looking forward to my first climb.

But before I got there I had about 1 mile of decent. It was a cool morning and I really could of done with an extra layer,but then I didnt want to have to stop to take it off when I warmed up.

As I pushed on down the trail I was surprised on how many bridge’s I had to cross. Some where over dried up steams  but then  laughed  when I got to a wide creek  with no bridge.

Okay the climb , it was long and steep  luckily it was still overcast  or rather the sun hadn’t  reached  the valley  yet and in places there were switchbacks. 

It took me about an hour to reach the top and as I did so did the sun . I took a quick 15 mins  before starting the decent.

The start was extremely steep and my favourite tred of gravel. I inched my way down until I gained confidence to speed up .The down seemed well designed with  sensible switchbacks .

I spiralled downfor at least 20 minutes until  I could see  the lake.i thought I’d take 20 minutes break when I reached it .

Wow  what another gorgeous lake. Since starting in April I have seen countless lakes all with their own beauty.

I sat on a huge log  and stared at the lake for a few minutes.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t make it here yesterday  but that would have taken another two hours and it would have been dark.

So better to do it now on fresh legs.

Okay  back to the  trail and guess what  its another up and yes another long and steep up.

I set  off once again its started friendly enough  before  getting steeper,but then there where switchbacks but these were long snaking away in the distance.

Eventually  I needed to stop for a break before I collapsed.

I dropped my pack, sat on a rock and  chugged water.

All of a sudden there was a huge bang.  I thought it was an aircraft  then I noticed a huge slab of rock fall from the side of the mountain sending clouds of dust into the air. I missed it fall but got the dust cloud….(maybe)

Okay snail too the top. I huffed and puffed my way to the top.

Paused to stare at the amazing scenery  then headed straight down  the other side.

But  this side was more friendly ( not so steep) I was almost racing   down  the meadering trail.

At last it leveled out and I was  in a open forest meeting clumsy  partridges  who were not sure how to get out of my way.

As I continued I kept looking St the sky to my left bright blue with sunshine to my right as black as the ace if spades. 

Then it became all blue  and began to warm up even more

As I crossed over a small brook  I decided to take lunch and  dry my tent .

I dropped my pack and removed my tent roll removed the flysheet  and lay it out on the grass.

I sat  nearby and removed my socks and shoes. I then made a cup of soup.  I had carried soup packets  for a while but it  never seemed right to make one.

Mmm it was very tasty but maybe next time I’ll use two packets.

I was just reaxing when it began to rain .

REALLY… I quickly packed everything up including my half dry fly. 

Well that was a crap break. I hoisted my pack and set off down  the  trail and in 4 minutes  the sun returned  and began to roast me.

Mad bloody weather 

I began to head  down again down a lovely trail . I like this type of trail ,light sandy mud, wide. no rocks or roots.

In fact I was flying  or maybe it just seemed that  way..until I came to my third climb and began to slow. Eventually  I had reached yet another top. 

I hadn’t said  but my app  is playing up. I thought I checked it before leaving Darby. But  it’s not giving me  milage  to  locations. 

So  it will tell me what mile I am at.but   if I click on the next water icon. There is no  information. 

It should say 2.5 miles ahead.

So I do not know  how far it is ..

Which is a pain.  Or planning ahead  I would like to know how far ahead  is the junction I want

So then I can pace myself.

I will reload the map when I get to town, hopefully that will fix it.

Luckily I carry a spare phone  so I turned it on. 

It  was 15 miles to the junction .

So I round it up to 16 and divide by 2 which equals 8   or 8 hrs.

So my target  is 6 pm 

But again this also depends  on the terrain  and I know  I have at least  2 more big climbs

So back to the trail  and my next climb. Then once again the trail meanders through the woods  until my final climb  and this one is steep. Halfway up  the rain returns. I quickly shelter under a tree  and put on my rain jacket. 

I wait  for  10 minutes until 

the rain eases before setting off once more. 

Once again I am thankful  that there are switchbacks.  Left…. right…..left  and then I emerge  onto a meadow.  The trail goes straight acroos  and  ahead I can see  the trail snake up the side of the mountain opposite me.

I hope that’s the last. As I’m running out of omph. 

At last  Im  up .it grassy and trails head in different directions.

This  was my goal  for  today and anything else would be a bonus.

I can see the trail I want snake around the side of another mountain opposite. 

I check my watch  its 6.30. 

Shall I pushed on or…..  .

No  I’ll camp here and push tomorrow. It’s 27 miles  to town or  pass I can’t recall which.

So I can start early and do  another 18 miles then cruise into town the day after .

That  sounded good to me.

I managed to find a reasonable  flat spot with some trees. 

I dropped my pack and soon had my ground sheet  pegged out.

I put up my tent ,then turned it upside down  as it was still wet on the bottom. Lastly I laid out my flysheet  again to finish drying 

I then  i assembled my stove and began cooking dinner.

And relax 

Wow 20 miles  not bad

Night all .


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