DAY 131 Heading to Anaconda Day 2

Aug 22nd

I woke and snoozed  but for too long it was too snuggy in my bag.

Come on snail I dragged myself up  and out and quickly packed up.

My tent was soaked, I’m guessing that it rained more in the night.

Okay  lets go I headed out onto the trail , in several places it was under water.Guess  we had lots of rain last night!

The trail started  well and I was soon in my rhythm good start I thought , as I turned a corner I could see two  hikers.

Get wet I asked 

We got soaked. 

This was gstring and woodpecker.

See you up trail guys…

Once past these two the trail steeply climbed and once again j was in blowndown  land and heading up hill.

My pack seemed to weigh a ton,I’m guessing my wet tent so as soon as possible I will drop and dry it

I pushed on clambering  over trees  or around them and sometimes both. The sun  was now trying to dry everything out including me. Phew..

When I was on a flat ridge I decided to stop and dry my tent hoping that would make my pack less heavy.

I removed it from the stuff sack and laid it out on the ground .

I made the most of my break as the sun and wind did their jobs.

Then g-string appeared.

I don’t suppose you know cuddles  i asked?

Yes I do .

Well I have his hat..

Wow really  he will be so pleased,he texted me and asked me to look out for  it. I can take it if you like ( he’s faster than me)

Brilliant I said. But give me a mo it’s deep inside my pack.

I retrieved  it and handed it over as his partner arrived. 

Wow you have his hat!!.

I watched them head off as my tent continued to dry.

Okay  onwards,there was a small climb then I headed down into the valley with great views all around.

The trail meandered   through several forests  before heading down.i was dreading this as I continued down for some time.  Then of course it was the up and 900 feet plus  oh joy.

There first part was okay with great switchbacks  and not too steep…. then it was almost straight up.i went into chug mode but  that still wasn’t enough and so I had to take a break.

I woofed all of my snacks hoping to make everything lighter 

Okay  part two I chugged up and hurrah I’m at the top.

Wow what amazing views…. now the down

 Again the first part was stupidly  steep before it leveled out.

In the distance was a lake where I presumed I was heading.  Once again I was worried as I was heading down for a very long time… at last I arrived at the amazing. 

I decided to have a play with my new fishing rod. I could see several fish so fingers crossed.

I cast the fly several times but the fish didn’t seem interested.  I said I would  take 40 minutes  but just after the half hour I caught something  but  lost the fly. 

Okay better luck next time.

I packed up and headed back to the trail.  Omg  the next climb is another 900 feet..F*uck.

I headed on and up as thunder rang out perfect thats just what I need. Once again I struggled up the climb. There were switchbacks  but they were still bloody  steep about a third of the way up  rain drops. On the turn was a small  space  where if pushed i coud maybe get my tent in. So I stopped and waited as more thunder rang out.  After 10 minutes the sun reappeared so I carried  on climbing and once again was soon at the top with amazing views. 

Okay  down and agsin in the distance was another lake. 

It was 4.30 I was exhausted. Several big climbs,a late getaway and fishing so my milsge was going to be poor.

I pondered … maybe I will call it a daywhen I get to the lake?

It took 40 minutes to spiral  down. 

The lake looked gorgeous but I really wanted a few more miles   so pushed  on. The trail headed down before yet another climb.

Okay  I will continue on until I reach the bottom then I will do the climb in the  morning


As I crossed a stream I watered up just in case. The trail now meandered down  through several burn areas …Great. .

Come on I need a flat spot the minutes slowly counted down as I continued  along the trail. I crossed a bridge  and then perfect..a flat spot

I got my tent out and set it up to dry  before  putting it all together. 

Okay dinner I soon had water boiling for tea. Then a backpackers pantry meal. 

I had just added water  to the packet when it began to rain 

F*uck I grabbed everything and ran to my tent throwing every thing inside 

Okay I’ll finish cooking inside  AGAIN….

Milage  16 not bad considering!!


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