DAY 130 Heading to Anaconda Day 1

Aug 21st 2022

I was awake but switched off my alarm waking again at 7am F*uck F*uck that wasn’t the plan.

I leaped out of bed and quickly packed up pausing to make tea.

Okay im out of here and was on trail by 7.45 not the best as I wanted to be on trail early to see if I could catch “Cuddles ”  haha

I pushed on and soon I was climbing but not steeply  and there were switchbacks  that were really helpful. 

I checked my app water in 7 miles that’s okay as I have enough in my bladder and it was still a cool morning. I did a few climbs and a  few downs  but spent most of the morning on the ridge . There were a few smokey views then I was in  dead tree land . As far as I could see they were dead trees  or bare hillsides, I wondered if it was lack of water.?

I pushed on through dead tree land climbing and  descending with little else to see.

At last I entered a wood and began to decend . Water  should be near ….hopefully.

Yes  water  I crossed the stream, dropped my pack. I filled up 2 bottles and filtered them both as I sat on a huge tree stump.

I ate a few snacks and then I was ready. It was now getting hot as I marched on down the trail.

In the distance I could see a huge lake . Are we going there, I thought  . I began to decend again, it was switchbacks  but in places steep with slippery rock. So I took my time . I was heading away from the lake so guessed that wasn’t my destination. 

I was now in blowndown City  and I am a little out of practice  so was soon puffing especially with the now blazing sun.

I spent about an hour playing this game until I was on the valley floor. My map said there was water here so I decided to take a break. 

I grabbed both bottle’s and went in search of the spring.

It took a bit of finding but the water was so good.

I was just relaxing when another hiker came through but I was  not sure if he was Cdt  or other.

I set off after him but the climb was similar to the decent with dozens of blowdowns to  navigate  around.

Some  were just a maze of broken wood that  took several minutes to get around  other quick hops  or  straddles. 

I pushed on but  these  blowdowns just exhaust me.

And if it was later in the day  I’d just put up my tent. 

My goal for today was 20 miles but  due to the late start and the amount of climbing that I was doing.  Hmm  not sure if I will make that. 

I was flagging as  the  climbs were getting much steeper and the sun much hotter.

I had to keep wiling myself on and  as  if I had water  I would have camped. 

I struggled up yet another

Climb. Then stopped I needed a break.  I slurped from my bladder. I guess that must be low too by now. 

Come on snail 2 miles to water. I pushed on and soon found myself in a burn  but at least I was going down .

I passed by a pond that didn’t look too appetising..F*uck… 

Boom came the thunder… Great that’s all I need now..there were a few spots of rain then the sun reappeared.  GOOD I said .then I could hear water.  Great I filled up both bottle’s. Now a tent spot. 

I passed a great looking meadow  nut it was  just a huge bog.

Now I began to climb… no no …

But I pushed  on.  The thunder reappeared… bugger. I tried to hike faster with the  little energy I had left.

Once again I climbed up into another forest.  My eyes were on stalks scanning both sides  for a spot. 

Got one, I think…yes  this will work although there was one widow maker.

I quickly through up my tent then fired up my stove. I have  a mountain house  curry  for tea…Yummy. 

The water  had just come to the boil when I had to grab every thing and run to my tent.

I had to finish cooking tea inside.

The storm now hit ,the rain falling on my tent  was so loud 

I got into my bag to keep warm  as the storm lashed my tent.

Milage  22 not bad.

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