DAY 129 Leaving Darby

Aug 20th

I got up at 7.30 dressed and then grabbed my spare food box that I planned to bounce and began to head to the post office. Halfway there it dawned on me that they may open later on Saturday’s!

But when I got there it was worse. 

They open at  and its only for pickups not to post. Bugger  I should have checked that yesterday. Oh well I see what else I can cram into my pack rhe rest I will have ton leave.

As i was this far down town i may as well get breakfast  so I continued walking to the Montana  cafe. 

I found a seat and ordered  the

“Hill top’  Country hash with. Eggs mushrooms  and  cheese.

It came but the eggs were wrong. So I returned it when it reappeared  the food was cold .I was going to reject it but time was tight so I woofed it down.

Then I went and paid, the chef was really apologetic  but it was a bad breakfast and so they knocked it off of the bill.

I quickly waked back to my room and began to go through the spare food.  Okay that’s done and its all crammed into my pack .

I gave the room a quick tidy.put the bin and rubbish by the door left the spare food in a box  and I was done . I opened the door and took out my pack. The owner  was just passing  so I explained about the box  and that I has had a lovely stay.

She thanked me and then said the best place to hitch was across the road by the stop sign  and get back to chief Josepth Pass.

I hoisted my pack and crossed the road. It wasn’t long until I had a ride he wasn’t going that far.

No problem I said  anything nearer is a bonus. 

But he ended up dropping me at the pass.

It was then a 1 mile walk back to the trail.

I thanked  him and waved goodbye then once again hoisted my pack and set off walking along the road.

I’m back on trail and  it’s 12pm.

So much for my early  start  haha.

I set off down the trail with  the sky being very overcast. 

Not  sure if it’s because of the smoke from the fire .

Because  the trail head is by a large ski resort,the trail was  immaculate, well signed and looked after.

The trail also  seemed very level…mm that’s a worry  ha ha.

But  it stayed level for most of the afternoon and any climbs were mere bumps

I had just stopped to take a photo  of a new type of sign  when  “Cuddles ” appeared a very tall  German chap, who I hadn’t seen since Colorado . We chatted for seversl minutes  then he was off. I kept him in sight for a while  until he vanished.

I pushed on throughout the day until   i reached  the next pass. I was going to take a  break here until a man in a large pickup began to talk to me.

Your freind  is not far ahead. 

He chatted  for about 5 minutes  then I was back to the trail.

I pushed on for another 40 minutes  before stomping for s break.  I guzzled some water and ate snacks.

The sky was now turning black  and the breeze appeared.

Mmm I thought  may get wet .


The next water was 7 miles ahead. I figur that,that may be  my stop for the day. 

I pushed on 4pm came and went and I was in yet another blowdown  area 6 pm came  and then I came to a large meadow. 

Somewhere here was water. But it was easy to  find  due to the paths through the grass.

I dropped my pack and topped  up my bottles.

Okay  im now ready to camp

I rejoined the trail  and hiked on and then once again  I was on a large  burn or dead tree  area 

Not the best  place to camp as if it’s as windy as last night they could fall on you. 

I checked my app  and it shows a camp site in 3 miles. Okay I can do this.  estimated eta is 7.30 that’s late for me  but I’d rather camp safe

I pushed  on, soon I was about a mile  from camp .Great. 

As I croosed one of the forest roads I noticed a cap lying on the trail.  It was Cuddles as I regonised it from the photo I took of him earlier.

I picked it up hoping that he would be at the campsite. 

At last I’m here there were several fire rings and a hanging post but no tents.  Shame.

It was almost 8  so I quickly put up my tent  and cooked dinner 

That was a great   day 

Mileage 18 well ✔️ 👍 


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