DAY 128 Zero in Darby

AUG 19th

Wow that was a great sleep.

I slowly woke up then phoned the owner to confirm my second  night at the inn.

Okay chores I set off down to town and wasnt long until I came to the post office it was not open for another 30 minutes so I thought I would explore a little more.

I carried on down past the fire station ,past the cafe and local school on the right was  Family Dollar so I popped in as somethings in here are a lot cheaper. 

I picked up some dried mango and a few other bits .

I crossed the road to the grocery store. Brought a apple and  several plums.. they had cheap hiker  food  so I brought 2 mountain house meals .

Okay  post office I headed back and waited my turn.

Okay lets see what I have .

Cool my Tenkara fishing rod is replacement credit card phew and a treat from my son.

My knife sharpener,1 food box,1 clothes box  and shoes

I bounced the shoes and clothes box. im still.missing 2 packages one I bounced from lake city and one from Rei.

I will chase when I get back to my room

On the way back I decided to have lunch and stopped at the Bigcat Cafe

I ordered a beer and calamari. 

It quickly arrives and looks good, it comes with a salad but in such a small bowl that’s its impractical to eat from so I ask for a bigger one and then pour it ito the larger bowl.


The calamari  is well cooked snd very tasty and so is my beer

its so tasty it’s soon devoured so one more ale,but then my waitress says we have huckleberry cheese cake. 

Dam  lol so I order a slice  which is as good as I imagined. 

Okay  home.

Once back into my  room  I open l my boxes and assemble my fishing rod. I can’t wait to  try.

Oksy food .omg I have far too much maybe ill  bounce a box once I have sorted  through.

Okay great now let’s chase my missing stuff.

I phone rei. They confirm that’s its been delivered to the postoffice.

So I head back again

Hi again ..Rei say its been delivered .

She walks back and forth then grabs a package. 

I am so sorry she says.

No problem  

One the way back I call in at Mrs  T’s store

And pick up fuel and then buy 2 more fishing flies. 

Then backntobthe store part and grab 2 more packets of chips  and a jar of avocado dip for later.

Back in my room I resort my food  and put it in my new stuff sack then replace my ripped tent stuff sack.

It’s time to relax so find a film  on  Netflix it was called the grey man and  I really enjoyed it.

After a refreshing shower I began to pack up  ready for a fairly early getaway.( Ha ha)

My excess  food I  put in a box and will bounce at the post office in morning.

Right I’m sorted hopefully.

So beer chips and chill.

Mileage  zero


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