DAY 127 Darby


I didn’t have to  leave my room until 12pm today so I would make the most of it.

At 8.30 I decided to go for breakfast . When I opened my door burning man was stood there with his pack.

So you are out today?

Maybe snail maybe,you heading to the store?

I was puzzled ?

Fresh baked cinnamon rolls snail

Yes  of course I said .

We walked there together  outside thee were about a dozen packs  all around one of the picnic benches  and inside it was packed. The lady was busy taking freshly baked cinnamon rolls off of the baking tray and putting them on paper plates.and as she was the only person every one had to wait until she was finished  so that they could pay.

One by one  the cinnamon rolls vanished.

Most of the guys were heading out around 9  on the shuttle there were two more later.

I wandered overv to the restaurant  Pilgrim & burning man were allready seated.,Mind if i join you guys.

Pilgrim orders a huckleberry milkshake.  Oh wow yes can I have one of those too.

Omg  it was so delicious. 

I then ordered a breakfast omelet that came with hashbrowns and toast.  Again really tasty.

I soon woofed mine then was amazed as Pilgrim ordered another milkshake  .

Jacoby joined us and I retold  the story  of our ride.

Okay I needed to go get my chores done.

First the post office ..where I bounced both of my boxes to Anaconda.done ☆

I headed back as suddenly  it was almost 11 and I wanted to do laundry.

I quickly packed up and then put my dirty stuff in the washer

Okay  im done.

My plan is to hitch  to Darby then continue on . Missing out the next section and then if I have time I’ll come back. 

So I headed to the road and waited in the heat…it was hot.

On the  hour  I got a ride from a lady Tiffany who is a respiratory nurse. She dropped me in Salmon and suggested I grab a beer at the ge brewery before heading over the bridge to  continue hitching.

The town was packed with hundreds of firefighters who are tackling a huge forest fire so the local park was packed with their tents  where they were staying. 

I decided on a quick beer  so entered the brewery and had filled jacket skins and  couple of ales finished off with ice cream. 

Okay  im ready  for part 2.

As i walked through town.this lady said to me

“So is it worth it?”

I had to laugh..

Okay  im across the bridge  and ready .

I thank him and retrieve my pack from his truck.

At last I get a ride. And eagerly dumped my pack in his truck. He  takes me to South fork.  Getting nearer. 

Then I realise I had left my poles at the side of the road. F*uck I’m so annoyed at myself  as I’m usually so careful and have them stowed in my pack when I’m hitching.

Oh well  I’ll buy more.the funny thing was I’ve worn down the tips so was going to order  replacements .

Oh well can’t worry about it now .

I walked a little way down the road and cross over  the bridge

Wow less than five minutes snd I have another ride.

We get on really well as we drive to Darby  and he drops me at my motel and then insists that I take his spare hiking pole.  Great bloke.

Okay a room ..fingers crossed.

Yes they have a vancany. I book two nights as its now 5pm and thst gives next day in town post office chores etc.

The room sadly does not have a fridge sobthe owner gives mexa cold box and ice perfect.

I really like my room..okay food.

I head downtown get more chips and beer and head back.

I put on the TV and chill

It’s been a long day  but I’m here in Darby. Less poles. 

Okay  new poles I try Rei but they are out of stock .but a store in the UK has some and can get them here in 5 days  so I order them although sceptical  that they will arrive in time. But hey I have the one that I was given.

Milage car 120.


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