DAY 126 Heading to Leadore day 4

AUG  17TH 

I had been annoyed at the afternoons trail  and so had decided to get up early to try and get to Leadore. 

My alarm went off but it was pitch dark.  I snoozed it .but it was still too dark when it went off again .but I wanted to hike so reached for my head torch and began to pack up letting out the air of my mattress. 

Why is it so dark ? 

I was almost ready . No tea  as no water.

At last the sun began to rise and I could put away my head torch.

Oksy we are ready to go,water was in about 2.6.

I headed back to the trail and the crunchy  road and headed off.

I wondered how much of the roller coaster I had left to do as I didnt want took at the app (depressing)

I crunched down the trail and began another climb,the sun was just peaking out from behind the mountains, the colours of the sky were amazing.

Down I went   but with fresh legs I was more confident on the loose gravel, in the distance the trail  snaked up and over several more hills .by mid morning I had completed  3 more of these  up and downs . I must be nearing water  soon I thought.

Then just ahead was the sign for the spring. Bloody great i said to myself. I looked right but couldn’t see anything  and there didnt appear to be a path.?(where hikers  have continuously walked)

I headed down the valley,I can’t see anything so continued on and on and on at last I could see  in the distance a cow trough and  around it were several deer.

As I got closer I could see a round  cow trough snd a very long one. Water flowed from a pipe from.the long one.

I walked  over and began to fill up my was ice cold so I didn’t I sat there several more deer appeared possibly annoyed  that I was there  so once I was done I quickly headed back up the hill.

I have to say that it ws about .4 off of trail. 

Okay im much happier now, I have water whoop.

I resumed my roller coaster,I had another four bloody climbs.F*uck

Crap trail  but I was still feeling  great and will not moan any more!!!.

I could now see the bloody huge climb infront of me.but was still unsure on which one it would be.

The trail now began to decend as I hot nearer then dived into a forest. Oh this is nice, cool  as I was getting hot.

As I walked through the forest I startled two jack rabbits who fled in different directions. 

Okay I’m now at the climb and it’s a biggy and on a real trail. Im seed that the gradient isn’t too steep as I make my way up and bonus there is shade . But its long,it takes me 40 minutes  to emerge at the spring halfway up.

I drop my pack and  take a few minute’s and take more water.

Okay part two.i slung on my pack and headed on up  its open so no shade so it’s  hot but  I soon I’m back into forest and shade thank god.i begin to climb and am pleased thst there are switchbacks. as I climb the views are stunning and I have to pause to stare.

At last I’m at the

There is a sign that says 11 miles to the pass….my destination. 

6hrs I think and  it’s just 11am.

I can do this ..

The trail still snakes off into the distance and up several more hills. But I’m feeling great. Confident  I will be in town maybe by 6pm.

My engine was fast as I took off down the trail .its the thought of town food and maybe a beer that gives me that little extra speed.

I was pushing down the trail skipping over loose rock.i was on a mission.  

I ran into a sobo, the first I had seen today so paused to say hi.

Her name was burning feet!  And she said thst Jacoby was only 20 minutes  ahead.

A target… lol as I headed on.the trail now headed down  via switch backs  and I was cruising. The trail exiting out of the forest onto open planes and once again the Atv road. 

I stared into the distance but couldn’t see anyone but still pushed on.

I then met my second sobo  she was really chatty. But i wanted miles so kept pushing. 

At last I caught  Jacoby and we had about 5 miles to go until the pass.

We walked together until I spied the road.

It was straight down the valley.  Our route was 2 miles of big climbs.

Jacoby I said I’m going to bushwack  down the valley to the road.

Jacoby thinks for a moment 

Then says I coming with you.

We cross  down and then find ourselves  on a path (maybe animal) this leads to a big drop but then Jacoby says look there’s a path by the side.

It’s steep but doable so we climb down and find ourselves on a old railway  bed. (OLD mine)  we carry on and are soon on the road and it’s only 3pm   Result.

But not a car in sight and it’s roasting as there is no shade there is no cell service either in which to call for a ride.

Jacoby  is very despondent and negative.

But me being a jolly positive person says.

Well the next car will drivevup shortly bringing a hiker back to the trail and then he will take us to town (16  miles)

Jacoby says no hikers goes back to the trail after 3pm

I say Jacoby  positive thoughts!!!

Then a car  comes up the hill and stops  its Gargoyle being dropped back to the trail.the driver says I’m just dropping this guy off then I can give you a ride !!

Thank you so much sir I say

Then I  look at Jacoby and laugh He is speechless. 

We decided that we should give him $10 Bucks each.

Our ride shortly reappears and we load our packs into the trunk and then we are heading to town.

We offer our ride money which is flatly refused. Thank you so much sir. 

Jacoby managed to book a room when he had service up on the  mountain  and it was the last  room so I will try my luck at the other motel or I’m in the park.

Our driver drops off Jacoby  then drives me to the motel. There no reception so I have to call. 

Luckily there is one room left phew.  I have a bed.

I thank our driver and then take my gear to my room and wait for a text for the code.

As I’m waiting I see Pilgrim  

HI Snail.burning man’s in 7 

Okay may see you later. 

I knock on burning man’s door .

Hi man good to see you . Don’t suppose you have a cold soda or beer I can steal

He gives me a gatorade  thanks ill replace shorty. 

My code arrives and I can now get into my room.

The room is large and has a full kitchen. 

I drop my pack  and  then  jump onto the shower.  Then take a bath  adding a bodysoak that burning man had given me.

Oh that’s so good.

Okay  provisions. 

I head to the store and omg  it’s  hot  so so hot.

I grab a six pack a bag of chips a dip  and a few snacks. Across the road is the post office  so that’s good to know.

I head back to my room and  veg crack a beer and the chips and watch  TV…

At 7pm I wander up town for dinner.most of the guys  are in here. But thry have stopped serving. But I grab a beear and join burning man and a sobo.

Okay  I have enough food back in my room so head back and  relax.

Mileage  18 


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