DAY 125 Heading to Leadore day 3

AUG 16th

That was a great day yesterday let’s see if I can beat it ??

I was up and on trail by 6am 

It was just light as I  passed Jacoby’s tent. 

The trail started friendly  enough but soon began to climb and climb and climb and  climb some more .I reached my first summit and wow how amazing.  I took 5 minutes before starting my next climb this was steep and high. 

But I hadn’t finished I needed to head up along the ridge

Wow what amazing views. I headed  across the ridge towards another range of mountain. 

Guess I’m going up one of you I thought. I was now following a mixture of posts and  cairns. 

Soon I was heading down.this made me smile.  As I knew what was coming.

A really steep down followed by

Yes another big Up.

Once up  again the views were amazing and I stopping so often to video and take photos 

The trail now crossed over some wide plains  until i came to a Cdt  post I presumed I would  go right and down. But this is the Cdt so left and up.

Once I had started left the trail  vanished I stared into the distance and could just about make out a cairn so headed towards it, luckily it was a cairn and not just a pile of rocks. 

As I neared it there was a huge rock formation behind that looked amazing 

The trail now  decided to head down and hopefully water. 

Just then two  sobos  came up the trail I wished them well as they both looked shattered.

At last water it was a spring and ice cold so I didn’t filter. 

As I took 5 minutes Jacoby arrived

I  heard you go past my tent he said .

Then a French hiker arrived for water  too.While we were watering up another hiker past by who  hadn’t seen before.

Once done I set  off down the trail and imeadity came across several huge screes as I walked across  the heat  from the rock was scorching. 

Jacoby appeared behind me.

What amazing scenery snail

I totally agreed. 

We followed each other for a while before  i overtook him

The trail now meandered for several hours until it came to a small stream.Lunch time I dropped my pack  removed my shoes and socks and relaxed

Jacoby arrived mind if I join you ?

Not at all were chatting  when the  Frenchman arrived and kept going. 

Jacoby and I chatted for about 20 minutes. Well we have done 9.7 miles not bad considering all the climbing that we have done.

We resumed our hike Jacoby leading and me following  he’s a little faster than me but I managed to  kept  him in sight. 

I eventually I  caught him at a junction as he  had stopped to  check his app.

I laughed ,It’s the CDT  its got to be up (IT was)

I started the up. Its a ATV  track/road  so  it’s bloody steep and littered with rock and it was now hot. Jacoby  came passed and  was soon at the top. I struggled up puffing and panting.

 and  could now see that the  road snaked into the distance and up. 

Bloody great  i thought and I set off after him keeping him in view until he stopped once more to water up.

The next water after this  was in 7 miles and there were lots of  ups and downs.that would be today’s target. we  both marched down the trail but as I  kept stopping to admire the amazing views Jacoby was soon out of sight. Until I came to yet another huge beautiful lake. Here were roads everywhere but all  heading into  the distance and up large mountains 

OMG  that doesn’t look like fun and it wasn’t.

I set off again after Jacoby  but the trail was almost verticle  and 

I can’t climb or climb very fast and by the time I had made itvto the top Jacoby had pulled out  a huge lead. But I still had him in my sights until I stopped again for water. I filled both bottle’s 3/4 full  of water before resuming  my hike and imeadityy  was on yet another climb ,the trail climbed  and climbed steeply for about 1 Mile ,but it didn’t stop it just kept going on and up and it was hot.

French man passed me  as i struggled up .Once up and over I could see Jacoby in the far distance bloody hell I thought the trail looked insane  it snaked up and down sever times into the distance. 

We were on a Atv track and I had no engine  and just wasnt happy.

I was bloody  annoyed and  the next water was 7 miles away and I was strughling up these stupid hills.

After I had made it up the second stupid hill  Frenchman was now also in the distance .

I was getting fed up, this section is crap. The downs were steep and rocky  so I had no pace and I  had  no pace going up arrrrrhhhh 

I pushed on getting more cross luckily I was carrying extra water (I usually  do)

4pm came and went,5pm came and went and I was still on  this crazy roller coaster. 

My phone was getting low on power so I switched it  off and  I was still following this crappy road.

At last the trail (road!!) began to decend ,but again too bloody  steeply  for my legs .ichecked my watch ,It was now 6pm and I had,had I passed a small spinny I thought F*uck it I’m done! and there was the perfect camp spot.

I was exhausted,both feet hurt, I soon had my tent up and tea on the go 

I have to say I loved the morning and just hated the afternoon. 

I will get a good night sleep  and finish  the roller coaster  in the morning then after that  there is another stupid  huge climb.

I can’t wait 

Mileage 24 

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