DAY 121 heading to Lima

AUG  12th

My alarm went off at 7am  I silenced it. 

Eventually waking up  at 9am.

I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. 

I enjoyed  what was there  before returning to my room. 

I finished packing and then discovered that the room service had thrown out my water bottles 

So I needed a trip to the grocery store.  Then back to my room. 

I finished packing and went downstairs to  reception. 

Burning man was ready  so we headed out. 

We stood by the road and  waited

Several cars past us. 

One eventually stopped

Were are you heading guys?

LIMA  We replied 

Well your on the wrong road he replied

Get in the back I will take  you

We both climbed into the back of his pickup 

soon we were at the correct  road junction. 

We thanked our ride and took up the hitching stanch.

After an hour we thought let’s try the off  ramp they are slower. 

We struggled up the slope to the on ramp meets off ramp 

It was less than five minutes  we had a ride but we were 20 miles short ..Okay we are closer 

I needed the loo and there was a campsite nearby 

I left burning man and headed  to the campsite and hopefully a loo. 

On the way back burning man was engaged in a conversation  with a man in a van

But when I arrived it all seemed cool and  had a ride

The guy seemed a bit of a know-all  but hey we had a ride

And soon we were back in lima

As we drove the weather report on the radio  was predicting  bad storms. 

So I decided to stay and booked a tent space and quickly threw up my tent. 

There were tge usual  faces here,the Aussies,kid & ?hot sauce.gourmet.Pilgrim, Swiss Cris  and several new faces.

Next I headed  to the post office and collected my packages. Then grabbed some beer from the gas station 

Once back at my tent I sorted my packages .New underwear, my new pillow and headphones

At around 5pm Swiss Chris  called me  so I went to gourmets room shared with Pilgrim and chilled 

At 6.30 we headed down  to the bar for dinner another group of hikers were also  here.

We grabbed another  table and ordered drinks while Pilgrim and Gourmet played pool. 

Our waitress took our order and we waited and waited. 

It took  forever to get our food  but eventually  it arrived 

Most of us had steak and it was really good. 

We didn’t stay out late 

But a great evening 


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