DAY 120 zero in Dillon

AUG 11th

So lovely to wake a great bed.i grabbed a shower and chilled then headed down for my free breakfast.

It was basic but was fine for me .

At 12 burning man and myself were heading to the Greek place for lunch. ( We met the owners last night)

It wasn’t  far away but I wanted to call  in at the post office first to post a box and get some  stamps.

Okay dinner. We both ordered donner kebab  and a soda.

Wow so good and tasty.

Okay   we decided to meet at 7 pm for dinner. 

On the way to the Library  i passed a great children’s park  and it had amazing water features . Wow.

Then to the library  to try and chase a lost box (usps)

The librarian was really helpful. 

I tried several times to try and rescue my box  but gave up.

I will try ringing  later. 

I headed back to my hotel  passing a lovely old hotel before getting back to my room and chilled.tried ringing usps  but gave up as it the same info.

The rest of the day I spent editing and uploading.  

Okay dinner…we headed down the main road and called in for all you cam eat Chinese buffet.

But it’s not on tonight,so we went to on the next bar.

This one was really  buzzing.We had a couple of beers each and I had fish and chips. 

Then we thought that we would call in at the Tap house  on the way  back.

I ordered a cloudy IPA. but it was really sour..we started chatting to a local at the bar. I then asked for snother beer  as I didn’t like it.

The man said what did you order. 

I said cloudy Ipa.turns out he’s the owner and it was the  bar ladies first night.

We had one more then headed home as  we didnt want to be out late

On the way home the sky was just amazing. Wow

So some trash tv  and zzzz

Mileage  zero 


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