DAY 118 Leaving Macs Inn

Aug 9th

The alarm. Went off at 7am  and I needed a wee so visited the bathroom. 

But headed straight back yo my tent.

I put my sleeping bag in the tumble yesterday and it had restored  its  volume  but I was far  too hot  last night.

Okay it’s no good . You can’t lie here .

So I reluctantly pulled the stopper on my mattress. 

Oh lets get going .I slowly  packed up  when I was almost done I was about to make  a hot drink when the man from the adjacent campsite asked if I’d like a coffee. . I spoke to him earlier about the Cdt and my hike and he was really impressed.

He then reappeared with my mug full of coffee and a banana.

I thanked him. And sat down to eat my my banana and drink the coffee and woofed a fruit pie as well.

Okay time to go. Then the couple on the otherside  gave me some cheese strings and another banana. Wow  thank you again

As I got up to leave I caught my knee on the table  gashing it.ouch I said,**.as it began to bleed.


I headed back to reception to put my trash in the dumpster  and then give the cool bag back to the camp hosts.

I thanked them as they really did look after me.

Okay onwards snail 

I walked back towards the river.

It’s 2 miles to Robins Rest. (grocery store).I tried hitching for 15 minutes  …but then decided to walk.

The grocery store was well stocked .but i just needed  a few things more painkillers. Some fruit  and snacks. Oh and a large cornetto.

I sat outside and decanted my food and tried to find places for it to fit then devoured my cornett

OK let’s go as I’d been a bit lazy

I headed  up the road  its almost 10 miles up. If I had known this  then I would have tried hitching .

The road was steep and very long..there was no shade. At times it was like walking in kitty litter  and then the  atv’s whizzed by covering you in clouds of dust

(Not all of them)

It took me most of the afternoon to climb this bloody  hill. 

And I was totattsly exhausted at last I turned off of the road and back onto a real trail. 

The trail started off well great tred well maintained  then it split  and became a guess where the trail is ,this was so tiresome I ended up leaving arrows for other hikers to help them .

I pushed on but that bloody hill had drained me and  most  of my water so water would be good.

But as I  was in a volcanic area  the water just drains  down so all of  the culverts I passed  where dry

But eventually I found some ,I watered up as  thought  I may stop soon .I headed on through  undulating fields  so no where really to stop. The scenery  was constantly changing and i had to keep stopping to stare at the large mountains and big screes

It amazes me how the trees cling on .I had stopped to take some video when I noticed another hiker behind me.

It was Swis Chris  would I hadnt seen since encampment .

Are you heading to the lake snailtrainer. ,??

I’m not sure how far is it?

About 4

Yeah I can do that. 

I watched him go  tracking him

But then after checking my app  I’ trail..

So double back **

I should have stayed on the original trail  as because of beavers the trail  is  wrong. 

So after wading through several rivers and  bushwacking I emerged by the lake and Swis Chris had his tent up allready.

Grrr…. crap trail. 

I quickly found a spot and put my tent up then went and joined Chris for dinner 

It wasn’t long until Burning man  arrived shortly followed by Gourmet and Pimgrim

We a chatted for several hours before my bed was calling

Millage 19 


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