DAY 117 Zero at Macs Inn

AUG 8th

I slept  well maybe its the knowing I don’t have to get Up well nor early.

Okay plan d.

I went to the loo then took my back to the laundry room and  put it and a  dryer sheet into  the tumble dryer.

Then I quickly jumped I to the shower. OMG THATS A GREAT Shower  for a RV Park.

I then headed to reception to see if I could  stay  another day.

Normally it’s a big NO.

but he seemed to like me and so yes .

I then brought a breakfast burrito  and a coffee satchet and retreated to my tent. 

The burrito  was bloody tasty in fact I’m begining to like these a lot.

Okay I went to check on my laundry omg  my bag looks slmost like new..the loft  is back and thanks to the dryer sheets it smells okay  lol.

I then relaxed with several coffes and caught up on my blogs (mainly this one wordpress)

Chores snail. I headed off to the post office and posted a box of gear to my  freind Tartan 

Next a vist to the garage to see they have in the way of resupply although there is a grocery store 2 miles up thd Road ( 2 MLES !!)

I grabbed a few goings then went to the pizza place that overlooks the river for lunch. 

A meat feast and a Ipa

It was nice to chill and watch people fishing canoeing and generally having fun. 

The pizza arrived and was so bloody  good.  I washed it down with another IPA.

Well there was still room so I had a large huckleberry ice cream and a brown ALe for a change. 

Okay now I’m full and fat so headed back stopping at the gas station for beer and a few more bits.

Once back at the RV Park I grabbed a bag of ice and the owner lent me a cool box.

I really like him

So back at my tent  blog catching up. It was so nice to sit in the sun and enjoy a few ales and do nothing.

So all caught up all uploaded .so I sorted out my food bags and a quick tent tidy.

Disposed of the ice and cleaned the cool bag then retreated to my tent to relax and rest .Back on trail tomorrow. So an earlyish night

Miles zero


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