DAY 113 To Grants?


 Several alarms went off I snoozed them 

But snail the miles i pulled the plug  on my mattress as it had just gone  5am and for a change I burst into action  I was packed up and on trail by 6am good  effort snail

I was impressed as I  set off down the trail.  I had planned to do less  filming  as  stopping costs me miles.!!

The trail was fairly kind a few ups  and downs but nothing serious. 

My knee was stiff,it always is when I first start but gradually it should  relax giving me less grief. 

It was a clear cool  morning but I’m sure it will heat up 

I was fairly high up but following the contours of the mountains and looking down on the meandering river. I wondered how many times I would  cross it today but for now I was just following. 

The trail meandered  in and out as it followed the river. And the contours of thd mountain.  Climbing high when it needed  to then dropping straight down again.

To be fair I was enjoying this  and wasn’t bothered about the target I had set myself .

The trail then dropped off in a huge open meadow. There are no markers,no cairns or anything just the trail to follow  I checked my app just  to confirm. And then set off . The trail was sometimes a path and easy  to follow other times it was just a faint line in the grass Sometimes the grass or vegetation  was so thick you wondered if any hikers had been this way at all. Then the trail  suddenly reappeared  …..

I pushed on trying not to think about milage or my knee.

But my knee often reminded  me  so I had to stop to take a break 

Then another hiker appeared I hadnt seen before I tried to keep in touch  with him but I’d often stop to grab a shot  so he soon vanished

I pushed on and soon came to my first river crossing of the day so had to stop to do the shoe swap. 

Once across  I thought time for a break I’d walk a few yards  then take a break 

I took off my shoes and swapped  socks .

I should have checked my app as several more  yards was yet another river crossing  F*uck

I changed shoes again otherwise  the exercise  would have been pointless. 

Once across I noticed a marker  for a campsite 

It sounded familiar. So I checked mine ,wow mine should be the next one.!!!

I did my campsite reservations all on line using my phone so it maybe a complete f*uck  up

Planning people. I should have done this weeks ago  so I was completely naive about the whole process

So people plan it before you get on trail and then book it when you are near to yellowstone.  I suggest Dubois.

So I’m a dork …

I pushed on and wasn’t long until  I came to my campsite *.

( the one I have booked for tomorrow)

Now this has cheered me up as I am heading to Grants so I am 1 day ahead of shedule so I and my knee can relax a little.

After this most of the day was spent in the forest so very little to see or report  on……..

Eventually  I  i could see heart Lake and as i got nearer the thunder  began and  as I set foot onto the beach ,the sky turned black and the wind grew strong. Not ideal to walk along the beach. To me it was like walking on kitty litter with a howling gail. On a hot summers day I’d been in the water But not today.

AT last the trail turned sharp right and past the rangers hut.

But no-one was at home.

I then i was passed by  several sobos  and day hikers . I pushed on until  3pm then stooped to make tea. The one I had been promising myself all day .

And mmm it tasted do good.

As I was resting about a dozen hikers came past heading south. Weekend hikers maybe.?

Red dragon fly

I was just drinking my tea when special-K came past. She looked  like she was on a mission. 

I finished my tea and headed on.

I was soon passed by special k,’s

Man then the Shepherd  came past.

I continued on until I came to my first proper hot spring.  I  was fascinated with all the colours  of the pool and the strong smell of sulfur.  But miles I need the Mile’s. 

I passed several more hot springs pausing but not for too long

Then in front was a bloody big climb  i was slightly annoyed with  my self for the long tea-stop

I began the climb  but I was out of juice  and so it was a struggle. 

Omg the climb was long and steep . It took all my reserves to get up it 

3/4  the way up I had a great view of another geyser/ ,hot pool. This one bubbled away  but was yoo far for  my camera. 

At last I was up  but I was flagging. 

There were several spots that I could stealth camp. But no ,it was 6 miles to go and I wanted those  6 miles. 

 F*,uck  yeah 4 miles to go,it was at this point the mossies decided to attack

F*uckers  i was hiking and swatting and checking my arms  and swatting.  F*uck off. It was no good I was loosing. So I stopped and got out the 100% Deet and splashed it all over,

That’s much better. 

I pushed on and then stared at several suitable camp spots but still pushed on then it began to rain. 

What is this? A five minute  shower a 10 minute  shower or more?

But still I pushed on and luckily  the rain  stopped. 

Then I was at the trail head 

Wow how did thst happen 

Well done knee it has taken us  numerous breaks  but we had made it.

Whoop whoop

Okay  Grants.

I stood by the road.

Mmm then a van coming the other way beeped and turned 


Omg it was Molly getting back on trail so I had the ride to Grants 

My driver dropped me at the gas station where I brought a six pack then headed for the camp site.

Then this lovely German lady picked me up and took me to the  campsite. I registered then the lovely German lady drove me there. 

Brilliant. I found a spot then set up my tent.

I then joined several hikers and bikers (cyclists) at the picnic table.

Great evening 

Mileage  23 whoop

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