DAY 116 Heading to Macks Inn


I slept well but was woken at silly A clock  by rustling.  It turned out to be wonderwoman getting her food down from the hang. 

So I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

My alarm went off at 7am and I dozed until 7.30 when I pulled the plug on my mattress. 

I packed up and was ready to go.

There was one hiker left who was just leaving  his name loose cannon

That name  sounds familiar  did you hike the ,pct it 2014?

Yes I did 

Well we leapfrogged each other for a while I’m Snailtrainer

Wow what a small world. 

He’s going sobo on this trip.

Okay I need to  make some miles.

I put on my rain jacket as it was soaked and in  several miles it would be dry. 

Aldo it was  a little chilli, as I set off down the trail Idaho was in sight. WHOOP

The trail  snaked around the lake  where I had camped  before heading into the  forest. But not for long as it soon emerged into a large burn area  which looked so  desolate.   I pushed on meeting my first sobo of the morning  his name oklahomy

I thought thst rather funny  and wanted to burst into “The  cows are asleep in the meadow ” but resisted .

As the morning went on i met more and more sobos.This appeared to be the front of the  herd.

I’m rather impressed  as on the other two trails  there has always been a bit of a irk between sobos and nobos but on this trail every one seems so enthusiastic  with each person they meet.

Ie   well done congrats.  Etc etc.

I pushed on passing numerous sobos  and then the border  came into view. 

Nothing elaborate  just a sign in some rocks saying welome to Idaho.

Perfect to me I took a break took the opportunity  to stash my rain jacket and generally rejig my pack

Okay Idaho treat me gently.

I continued through the forest ,the trail was fairly clear although most of the trees on trail could do with a good pruning.

Further on I met 2  hikers  having a lazy start or maybe just a tent drying exercise.

I would do mine later.

The trail circled down until  i  was in a dry water bed again like walking in cat litter. But it wasn’t for long and soon  I was on a wade asphalt  road.  It was a pleasure to walk on  ,although  steep in places, nothing scary.

I followed this for numerous Mile’s until it became a single track. It was lunch time and as the sun was warm I decided to stop and dry  my gear

 I did the fly and the footprint. I should have done the tent too !!

As I was chilling the two boy’s came past … see you up trail snail. 

Once my gear was dry I  set off and decided to take the alternative route.

Flatter and perhaps a bit boring 

But better for my knee and me .

This trail was a forest road  and nice to walk on .

 All afternoon I was meeting sobos, a good sized herd.

At last i was dropping down and joined yet another forest road and yet more sobos. Seversl  atvs came by dad and the kids. 

I pushed on as Macs Inn was my target but wasnt really  sure what was there, although I fancied a hotel and comfy bed, Tv etc

But one checking my app it was still a long  way away.

Not sure if I can do that 

At last I made it tothe main road 3.5 miles to go

I  was hoping for a hitch but nothing . I was exhausted   as i arrived in town .I headedto the hotel it looked really expensive but I dont care

But they had no rooms Fuck fuck.

I tried  several hotels on Google but they no longer existed.  That’s really crap 

Okay the Rv park as it’s getting late. I wandered though looking for receptipn or similar. The owners were having a staff party and on seeing me the boss leaped to my rescue.  

Okay i have a spot thank god !!

I quickly put up my tent. 

Then headed to the local Mexican

I had seversl beers and a great dinner god I’m full

I wanted wandered back to the Rv  site and zzzzz

Okay bed

Mileage 24

Plan b tomorrow.


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