AUG 3rd 2022

Get up Get up

I kept saying to myself. Finally I pulled the stopped and moved slowly into action  the fly was soaked  due to all of the rain and maybe dew from the River.

I was almost ready to go but this morning I needed 2 cups of coffee.

Okay lets get up this  hill.

When I first start my right knee is just stiff.. it will not bend so there were many  swear words as I hobbled up the trail. 

And yes it was steep after about 20 minutes I stopped to look back at the valley. It was so beautiful  with the mist rising .

Okay snail onwards, buy  this hill seemed to go on for ages  luckily there were switchbacks but it  was still steep. Eventually I got too the top,but it wasn’t the top and it wasn’t over. I now followed the contours of  the hill trying to navigate over  blow downs  as a 1 legged man and  oh yes a few swear words.  I pushed on my feet soaking wet  from the vegetation  that lined the trail. 

That made me cross too. 

Eventually  I began to head down that wasn’t very helpful to my knee. So grimaced  almost every step.  At the bottom I had a small creek to cross. but it was a few hops  guess what I’m now climbing up the other side. 

God  this is crap and steep.

 Yes crap and steep. I pushed on following the switch backs  

Did I say that it was steep!!

For a change I crossed over a small stream to my left Then headed into the woods.

The back drop was a huge escarpment.  Funny it reminded me of Tarzan ..

The trail still climbed. Omg  does this ever end……

Eventually it flattened  out  but there was still plenty to climb..

But I needed a break.

When a huge rock appeared I dropped my pack. 

Took off my shoes and socks  and aired my feet. 

Then woofed some snacks. 

Thre wasn’t much as it’s in my main food bag  and I wasn’t  organised to organise it.

I was just adoring the view  (as the mist was parting) When hotsauce appeared. 

I must have camped just before you. She said 

Did You  like thst climb? I asked?

@#%^££&  was the answer  or  rather F*uck no

Thst made me laugh.

Wheres Kid  I asked  (as they are a couple) 

He’s at the top. I couldn’t go on, and the rain..

Okay may see you at Grantsshe said and headed off.

I put on dry socks then returned to the trail and the climb.

Typically  the trail then vanished and I scanned the horizon for clues.

In the distance was a cairn. And when I got close the trail was plain to see. . I headed  off and passed  one lake  that looked like it was drying up. Then a second that looked more healthy

The trail now began to head down and once again I was  greeted with amazing views of the valley .but the down was steep even with switch backs my knee soon began to complain and I began to swear alot. Then a hiker appeared  a sobo ? (Southbounder) I nodded I was in too much pain for a conversation.

I continued down and down croosed a small field then back into the trees and down

Then another hiker  appeared his name was Gazelle. I think Japanese.  In his broken English  he said he passed  7 other hikers.

I thanked him and hobbled on .

At last the trail was level  but not for long.Once again I was heading down. I could  do with some water . The trail meadered through this forest heading down 

But i had to detour around a tree,the trail would disappear. 

So that was annoying as it wasted time and effort finding it.

Then another hiker  appeared  a SOBO  free bird  from Oregon.

She warned  me about  trail junction and to head  right.!!

She then said  your going to have wet feet by the end of the day. As plenty of crossing. 

I thanked her and set off.

It want long until I reached the first crossing bur as I needed water I took a short break and topped up.

Okay the first crossing was easy. I’m sure the others won’t be.

Once across I had to push through tall bushes  another of  my annoyances. 

Okay flat  so I tried to push but my knee said  stop that so I did. 

 The flat  stooped as I took a sharp  right into another forest. 

I came to the junction I was warned about and headed right and up the Cdt  is always up.

I chugged up several rises and falls croosed numerous steams and  just kept  going. I stayed in this forest  for  sometime.

Okay snail  let’s look for  some open space  then I can dry my tent.

It was almost another 30 minutes until I said  that will do.

I dropped my pack then pulled out the flysheet  and lay out the soaking thing.

While it dried I decided to call it lunch  and ate the rest of my snacks. Jerky, peanuts and apricots oh and a few skittles

Okay  the fly is dry. I stuffed it back into my tent sack. Mmmm I need to order a new one as its ripping  .

Okay trail  let’s see where I can get. I pushed on swearing on any  steep inclines… I then came  to a large creek so stopped to change shoes … which is also a pain.  I quickly waded across then stopped to change back. This is because the insoles of my new shoes can ruck up.

Thus is my 4th pair. The other 3 it didn’t happen so why these.

(But it’s happened before in the past so l am aware,)

Okay snail let’s go but a combination  of knee and teraine  were  killing me

I don’t think I will hit my milage target  which was depressing me  as the miles are still there to be hiked..

As I walked along  I noticed more horses,/Mules  under a tree and several tents. The Mules then began to made an awful din.

Maybe they thought I was a wolf lol

The  trail now headed sharp  right across a wide meadow.

I have to  check my app as the  trail markers have been so poor today. 

There was one large cairn  by the edge of the field then nothing.

I headed off into the distance  until I reached another creek so the  same  ritual 

 I sloshed acroosed then headed  through tall bushes on duckboards. If the bushes were cut you could walk on the boards much easier. Once across I did my routine  before heading back along the trail 

I pushed on through another  forest which spiralled down and I exited onto a large meadow.

I pushed on  crossing many small streams until once again it was change shoes for yet another creek crossing.

I kept my watershoes  on as I pushed hough more tall bushes then there was a small climb.

On the other side was a large open meadow halfway way across 

In the middle by the trail was a sign marking Yellowstone border

Whoop whoop I’m now in yellowstone. I pushed on along the trail  and it wasnt long until  I came to the wardens cottage 

(Logcabin). I went and had a look 

Then back 

Okay im knacked and hurting  but let’s see what I can do.

I pushed  on  crossing several more creeks .

Come on a bridge maybe !!

The trail now headed into some trees  and began to climb. Bloody hell no… but the climb was short  and I was now following the hills contours.  Okay I don’t think I have much in the tank. So at the next stream I watered up.

It wasnt long until I passed several campsites. 

But I wanted just a few more miles  or at least 1.

I pushed in until I came to yet another creek i looked left and right said F*uck it and waded straight across.

Okay tent spot… I had passed several good ones earlier. 

Should have stopped.  As the trail was going to climb shortly.

Mmm maybe there. I walked up and right.

But its a compromise  but it will do I quickly put up my tent before sitting  on a log to cook tea.

I had just packed up when Molly came through.

Okay bed

Mileage  17 but I wanted more

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