DAY 111 Heading to Yellowstone day 2

August 2nd

I woke early to rain, I guess I must have switched off the alarm luckily the next one woke me but I was late. I stripped down my tent then put on a brew 

Just then Keebler and Pittsburg came through we chatted for five  then they were gone they said see you later but I wasn’t confident with my knee. Next to come through was cross-creek she is always happy.  Then Jackoby he carries an 85 LITRE  pack Respect!! 
 I was just about to get back on trail when Shredder arrived 
Good to see you snail 
See you later maybe.
Then finally Monk appeared snail how are you always ahead of me we both laughed.  
Won’t be today knee issues.
He gave me a list if things to try 
I thanked  him as I hobbled  on after him 
Thankfully for the first part of the morning, the trail  was fairly flat  and my knee seemed to behave.
Although it wasn’t long until I got to my first river crossing. I stopped to swap over shoes then stepped into the icy water. The bottom and rocks were slippery and so I took my time. This river wasn’t wide but deep in places and flowing swiftly. 
But I was soon safely across  and switched back my shoes.  The trail climbed sharply  but that was only a detour around  a tree..  with several blowdowns it was make your  own trail……
At last the trail became easier to follow.. as I made my way along I caught sight of several horses  through the tree’s, then I noticed the tents.
I waved  to one of the men in camp before moving on.

Then I almost got run over by 2 llamas I must have zoned out for a minute .3 guys led the animals.The Llamas  looked rather content. I’d like to borrow  one to carry  my pack or  just me lol.
Once past these  beasts the trail began to climb, i was dreading  this and so was my knee, Luckily it soon levelled out and I found myself in wide open planes 
Then out of nowhere  came another large pack train of about 12 horses /mules. As they past I noticed another 4 horses tied up under a tree with one person resting I think the others were fishing.
As  I carried on up the trail, to my left on a hill were 6 tents maybe the four horses were from there.
After several more hours I stopped for a break , as i was resting another hiker came past. I think I have seen him before  he made me laugh as he was wearing bells. They are sensible but you will get ridiculed
I pushed on and was soon climbing again though yet another burn , after another hour I took another break and decided I needed a cuppa.
I was just finishing off when Google appeared we chatted for five then he was gone
Okay snail we need those miles  but my  knee wasn’t going to play.  I have downed far too many painkillers but they do not seem to be kicking in….

I struggled up the hills. Then the rain came  bugger  that’s just what I didn’t need. I took shelter under tree hoping that it was just a shower putting on my rain jacket just in case. 
I filled  up a bottle of water in case I had to camp, The rain  was only a shower and so soon stopped , I put on my pack and set off again.
I was following the river again for a mile  before running into more horses. Seems everyone is out on horseback today. I moved over to let them pass, they were quite chatty.
Okay snail miles, but it wasn’t long until the sun reappeared and began to roast me. Okay next log.
The trail opened and a little further ahead was my log. I quickly dropped my pack and removed my rain jacket I hadn’t sat long when yet another mule train appeared this one had about 18 horses.
The leader asked if I’d move back as some of his mules were a bit skittish. 
Well I definitely haven’t seen this many horses in one day
I set off down the trail following the many hoof points in the soft  sandy mud….okay crossroads it wasn’t clear on my map. 
I was  just trying to decided when three other riders  appeared.
They didn’t seem sure of where they were going either
I pushed on but everything was hurting. I came to another river with half a bridge that I managed to cross. By the banks were chewed  trees, beavers!!.
As I looked up stream I could see their dams. Okay I am done ,I just a flat spot. I passed by several and kept going I wanted to do at least 15 miles and I was short. I then came to a wide river. I crossed over then sat on a log. No I’m done I dropped my pack and  began to set up.
Then the same 3 riders appeared. I think they wanted yo camp here to.
The main man was Norwegian  but now lives here. I couldn’t follow the rest except his wife is American.
I finished setting up when Lady-bug appeared we chatted and compared  Yellowstone camp spots, asked about Monk and then she was gone.

I was halfway through dinner when the typical Wyoming  weather reappeared thunder lighting and torrential rain .I quickly relocated to my tent to finish dinner, not wise in bear country  but needs must.
I began to feel sorry for lady-bug as it was a 2 mile climb ahead and in this weather

Okay  that’s me done

Mileage  18


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