DAY 110 Heading to Yellowstone day 1.

Aug 1st 2022

Last night I realised I had miscalculated  the distance to Yellowstone so at normal hiking pace I would be there In three days  not 5. So I didn’t need to get up too early as there is no need to push.

Saying that my knee didn’t feel good so the mileage thing could be a blessing 
I stripped down made a cuppa and swallowed a few ibuprofen and 2 painkillers just  in case.
As I Hoisted up my pack, my knee complained in the strongest  words.
F*uck this is going to be a slow  long day. I set off down the trail limping  and sort of hopping after 40 minutes I spied a tent I guessed that it may be Sound-effect I had the urge to shout out get up you lazy cow!!!!.
But I didn’t., she had found a great spot as I quietly walked by.
I was managing just about okay down the trail along as it wasn’t a steep incline the ups no problem.  I pushed on through a forest  heading down and began to encounter  loads of blowdowns.
Some where a nightmare..when I’m climbing over if I can help other hikers I will break off branches. I was just finishing off when Sound-effect  appeared. 
If you go down it easier than up I said pointing out the way. I then moved onto the next  puzzle I started to go down  Sound-effect  went up we then both appeared  in the field trying to locate the trail . I took some video  and smiled to myself as Sound-effect  went one way then turned around and came back and went the other way.


I laughed as that’s usually me.
I set off after her and as the trail went down  the hill via switch backs I could see where she was going. I eventually caught her changing into her campshoes to cross a huge river. It was waist  deep and flowing quite fast. I watched her wade across. 
Then I went to change my shoes. 
I would normally just go across but on the last crossing yesterday the inner soles began to ruck which is bloody annoying and uncomfortable to walk in.
But my camp shoes were at the  bottom of my pack  so it took me a few minutes to get ready ,by the time I began to cross Sound-effect  was long gone. 
I edged into the water F*uck it was cold  and so I crossed as  quickly as I could . Omg that was cold. I quickly changed  back into my trail runners  and set off.

 The views were amazing  and so had to keep stopping to gaze at the Vistas in front of me. 
But then it was climbing time and once again my knee began to complain.
I found myself talking to my knee urging him on but he didn’t want to play, eventually I needed s brake and plonked  myself down under a tree. Phew it was hot and I still had more of the climb to do

Okay knee sre you ready  my knee said NO….
but off we went. My knee was now hurting like crazy and my pace was crap, especially as we were  now headed  down
I did my best as I crossed several large meadows before heading into another large burn area, So no shade but plenty of logs to climb over or around. 
This was bloody hard work and being  slightly disabled did not help, I was also becoming annoyed with these bloody trees.
I was impressed when I came across several that had been cut by an axe. Wow  
I limped on through this maze of blowdowns  until i saw  a red pack, it was  was Sound-effect who was taking a break behind a huge downed tree

Hello again I said as I carefully clambered over it. 
See you soon I laughed.
I pushed (limped slowly) up the trail passing a huge lake., then something caught my eye…
Across the other side standing  in the lake was a huge Bull moose..I watched him for several minutes until Sound-effect  caught up I pointed to the moose. Then there was a huge splash to my right another huge moose had leaped into the water and set off to chase the other moose

 I believe they are very territorial. both were huge and I was pleased that there was a lake between us.
Sound-effect  headed off , and i soon hobbled on after her but I was struggling  with the pain  and lack of pace  but I wanted to do 15 miles today that was my target  and it was looking doubtful. 
I watched  Sound-effect  go and brought up the rear. As I dropped down I to the valley I could see a small wooden hut. When I got to it ,it was locked but belonged to the national forest the back where two large bear boxes and a place to tie up horses. 

I took a break drank down lots of water before getting back on trail.
In the distance I saw Sound-effect  double back I quickly checked my app.. now I’m on trail, maybe she’s going to the bathroom.?But when I got to the river I understood. She was looking for a safer place to cross. The river was wild, not to far across but raging white water it looked really scary!

F*uck……I changed shoes again. I really didn’t like the look of this I tried to cross but the rocks were very slippery and i almost lost my balance so I came back then headed up stream where I could see a gravel bank.  It was still hairy scary but I managed to cross.  Phew I didn’t like that 

Think this is the one my friend Tartan warned me about.!
Okay shoes changed , now to find the trail, I hiked on soon coming to another creek but no where near as fierce.
I stopped to water up as it was 4.30 and my knee was really hurting. I was just finishing when Sound-effect  appeared she had found a safer place to cross and admitted  water scared her.
I said I didn’t like it either. 
Next flat spot I’m stopping I said so I may see you in the morning 
I watched her march off as I finished with my water, I set off after her ha ha .
It wasn’t long until I stopped again to video another great amazing backdrop
In the distance I could see another hiker approaching. It was Axle , wow again I hadn’t seen him since new Mexico.
Maybe he had flip -flopped but I didn’t ask.

Okay a flat spot  and typically once again I was in a huge burn area so no chance of camping, Bollocks I’m tired, I hurt I want a cuppa. I limped on until I found myself lying on my back. I said I few off my favourite words several times before cautiously  getting to my feet. The fall had jarred my knee making it more painful so a few more rude words and I limped on again  the trail was now a roller coaster  sequence, again bloody annoying I wanted a flat place with shade and if possible water. ALL three seemed very unlikely. Arrrrrhhhh. 
After an hour I began to drop down into a valley that looked promising but I had to get down and it was the roly gravel tread such fun…..
But I’m down as I crossed a small meadow I spotted a stream and perfect.

My tent was quickly up,and  water boiling 

Night all

Mileage 20


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