DAY 108 Zero in Dubois

July 30th

My alarm went off at 6 am.i snoozed it several times before switching it off.
Okay I am up.i went and booked a second night . Okay done .
Breakfast, the cafe belongs to the motel so i walked across and in and grabbed a booth. At the back was 5 course, behind me was a couple whose names I haven’t got yet and across the side was Gerber, Joker  and the no name.
I went for bacon and eggs  with coffee and and orange juice.

Bloody tasty. 

Okay chores .
Post office was first as It was near,  as I walked in Kid and  xxx was there.
I bounced 3 boxes  to Darby picked up my new shoes and my extra  battery.
Shoes no 4.
I then headed back to try and sort out my resupply and  Yellowstone permit.  I really need a pc  rather than my phone as its hard to see the maps .
Typically the library in town is not open until Wednesday ,Crap oh well.
Okay I’ve decided to bounce my old shoes . I don’t want to hike in them as they are done but they are still good for off trail. 
Whilst I was in the post office I  heard a few customers talking about the “,beer festival “

Well that’s worth a look, but I need to go shopping first .I didn’t need much but I still seem to spend $80.i took my bags back to my room and decanted most into Ziplocs.
Okay lets seem what  the beer festival has in store. ?
There was several bands playing, about a dozen local breweries and several food trucks and stalls.
I brought a wrist band for $30 and began to sample the ales , there were some really tasty ones and a few odd ones .It was a beautiful day and I mingled with with  several locals, who insisted  that I come back  at 2.30 to watch this fairly well know musician from Wyoming .

As I needed to try and get Yellowstone permits sorted, I have to say the man from Yellowstone was so patient with me as I haven’t a clue what I was trying to do maybe I should have tried to do this in Pinedale when I had access to a pc but  hindsight. I really needed a map to plan my route and I didn’t have one. The Yellowstone man helped me and gave me the info that I needed to try and plan a route I will try to download a map later this evening and ring him back in the morning, once again fingers crossed.
Okay I headed back to the beer festival and sampled more ales , I stayed to 4.30 but I felt I needed to pack up and sort out my stiff and generally get ready to hike out.

Then the main act came on his name Jalan Crossland ,he was really good and  fun to watch  and listen too. I spent the afternoon enjoying the music ,beer and sunshine until I reluctantly I had to head back ,grabbing two cans  and chips for later.
Once back I went on line and downloaded several maps of Yellowstone to help me plan my campsites for the next section .Its much easier when i can see where I am going .
So I have 4 campsites marked, hopefully I can book them tomorrow ,Once again fingers crossed.
I jumped in the shower and once out began to pack up


That’s my day



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