DAY 107 Dubois where are You!

July 29th

Iwas up early but just dozed.but eventually got up.and as I had no water so  no morning tea.

But my pack up was lousey ,I was on trail by 6am.  The sun was up and it was already roasting as I  set offdown the road, it was 27ish miles to the trail head.

I pushed on down the  trail/ Road feeling pretty good . If I push I should  maybe get in to Dubois later  or first thing in the morning.

I pushed on and soon passed mosquito  lake that a cyclist told me about was a  little way off trail ,I paused shall  I get water…Nah.

Several miles later I was concerned maybe I should have got every culvert  I passed was good

But then I heard water,to my left hidden by large bushes was a stream I grabbed 2 litres filterd both drank 1 .mm. tasty water.

Okay I pushed on on a roller coaster meandering  trail there were places where I could cut the trail but I am always worried that it could go else where. So I stuck to the trail.

Every now and then I  dropped into a nice cool shady  forest.  Nice  but when I emerged back into sunshine it seemed even hotter. Now and then the mountains appeared  wow they look amazing then the trees closed in to hide.

I pushed on until it was lunch.

But I didnt take long as I needed those miles.

At last I got to what I thought was the trailhead.. this jeep appeared and asked if I needed water. Well yes fresh was better  than what I had.

He then asked I’d I needed  a ride. Well yes you could take me to the real trail head. He was off camping and his campsite seemed to be parallel  to where I was going .and as I was in no hurry  I was up for an adventure. He was a firefighter and his jeep was fairly new and has  all the extras and more fitted. A winch. compressor, Tent on the roof.shower and lots of other toys. Few shillings. We set off and enjoyed a few beers.i was totally amazed on what his jeep could get up.and down 

I was having  so much fun I completely forgot about the trail. 

Oh I better hike on. He dropped me back to what we thought was the quickest route  back to the trail. wasn’t it took me away from the trail before  heading back so I waked loads of extra I pushed on ,on my mystery trail. As pounded down the trail thunder  rang out again omg I’m going to get wet and looks like I’m camping.

I was in mo man’s land as I was not showing on my app so walking blind and hoping I was going the right way.this trail looked a bit remote so I would be surprised if anything  appeared. 

Okay  the trail now seemed to be heading in the right direction  I hoped.

IT dropped steeply .but it was very gravely  and I slid about a dozen times  which scared me as I was worried about twisting an ankle.  At last I was on a hillside and in the distance I could see a town.i just hoped it was Dubois.

I trudged down  the track fingers croosed It was right.

I got spat out   on private property and I was stuck I didn’t want to left and in font was a raging river too deep and fast to cross and on my right I was blocked by a fenced in sewage works .it was getting late I was tired (but had had a fun day )

Okay I hurled my pack over the high fence and climbed over and  then headed for the other side nd repeated the process .as I scaled the second fence I could hear loudspeakers and a commentary. As I followed the road I found I was in  rodeo.

Wow.i watched the young kids of about 6/7 ride there horses in the barrel competition. They were so fast their horses  almost lay down as they made the turns.

Amazing.then I watched even younger kids riding Bulls omg wow.i would have liked to have stayed longer but I needed a bed.

It was about 1 mile into town from the I walked up the street I could see a group of hikers Gerber and Pittsburg  and several others. I Tried several motels but all booked or wanting silly money.

I found one  for $90.that will do.

I checked in then went across the road to the garage got some snacks and several cans of beer

Phew what a great day

Night all

Mileage  ????

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