DAY 104 heading to Pinedale

JUly 26th

I was getting up earlier. 

Well No more bear encounters in the night phew.
I emerged from my tent and retrieved my food bag from the tree then packed up.
The mossies were out in force I think they new I was low on bug spray…so i was Soon on trail and looking forward to my climb. 
Actually wasn’t that bad and I passed numerous other camping spots as I went  but then would I have seen my bear.
Once up  I was greeted  with amazing views of the valley I set off , it was fairly flat so I should have been able to get some pace  but for some reason I just didn’t seem to have anything in the tank. Which was strange. I slept well.i eat well.
I pushed on swearing at the mossies  as they swarmed around me.F*uck off….
I was something brown and small run through the trees , at first i thought it a squirrel but it was too big.
It was actually a Pine Marten , he stopped so i could take his picture then he was gone, how cool was that .

I wanted to film more but every time I stopped the mossies descended on me like vultures F*uckers
The trail meandered on with breathtaking  beauty…before dropping back into a forest .it was nice as it was cool  as i emerged  back into the sunlight i could hear lots of giggling  as I looked behind me Heavy and Mouse appeared.
Hi guys I said I was getting bored of waiting for you lol
We chatted for five minutes before they headed off.
I followed them for a while before  I lost sight of them.
My original plan was to push on up the trail  but virtually every one else was going into Pinedale and as I hadn’t had  a break since Rawlins it seemed the better plan for me too.
I eventually came to the junction and took the side trail, It was 14 miles to the trailhead, then a 17 mile hitch to town fairly Mad.
As I was checking my app (to ensure that I was going the right way) Google and cross-creek came by so I followed them, but they soon vanished, luckily this was a well marked Side trail .
I was miles away when another Hiker appeared, her name was Lady-Bug, who I had met before but hadn’t seen in a while.


I pushed on down the trail 14 miles was on my mind….
Soon I was in woods littered with blowdowns and I was struggling to stay on trail.
Suddenly Heavy & mouse  appeared they must have stopped for a break. They gave me a respray using their bug spray 40% deet.. thanks guys  Then they sped off which was great as I could see where the trail went. 
But they soon vanished and I was left hunting for the trail. Is it only me who can’t follow  it.?
Soon i was in the open, passing numerous gorgeous lakes, I have passed so many but they are always stunning and beautiful. 
I pushed on until I came to another junction…Now where?
But then a friendly face of Shredder  appeared his map looked better than mine. GO Right Snail
After you but I have no pace  today so  you lead.
I watched him go as the trail was rocky and  my feet just ached. I just seemed to be in plod mode but was feeling great otherwise.
Down in the valley I spied a large mule  train but my camera  would  not zoom in sweaty fingers maybe. 
Okay break time, i filtered a litre drank it straight down and filtered another.
Okay i need these miles.
I  hadn’t gone far until I came to a  wide creek although it was fairly shallow.
I sloshed across, well my shoes quickly dry..Once across the trail began to climb and climb steeply perfect for  me I groaned.
I was climbing around numerous ponds some beautiful, others swamps. I then noticed another hiker behind me. His name was Molly, I hadn’t seen him before although we spent the rest of the afternoon leapfrogging each other as we took turns to take breaks.

God how many more miles as I was tiring and it was hot.
As I hiked on I began to meet several day hikers, that’s a good sign.
Wow I just came to a clearing with amazing views of all the mountain .I stopped  and stared for several minutes ignoring the mossies who were enjoying my blood.
Okay miles snail. 
I’m  now in a well kept corridor we’ll it was littered with blowdowns but they have all been cut and neatly cleared. 
AS i made my way along three hikers were coming towards me . Omg it was Red-tin, Joker and mona-Lisa  who had not seem since Lordsburg back in April. So we spent 10 mins chatting before going our separate ways.

Okay 1.7 to the trail head….But the last miles seem to take forever. AT LAST….
Okay I’m here  now what.?
I had emerged into the trail head and the parking lot was full but its still 17 miles from here to town.
Molly then appeared okay do you have a plan I asked. 
Just then a red truck came in to turn around.
You guys Cdt hikers,,?
Yes we are 
Do you need a ride to Town,?
Yes please 
We jumped in the back.
I am stopping half way down  to feed the chipmunks with my granddaughters.
Not a problem we said
Soon we were in town  standing outside the grocery store. 
Molly rang two hotels but no rooms we both lucked in at the Sundance Motel.

I checked in.then went for beer and ice cream and some snacks for later.
Typically the WiFi  is crap arrrrrhhhh. 
Oh well.


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