DAY 103 mossie madness’ Bear!

July 25th

My arm went off I snoozed it , as I am going yo get up when the sun comes up.
So I did , at 6.30 I got up and inspected the damage to my house (tent).

The floor was waterlogged, Luckily I had stayed on my  mattress but my bag was damp.
I opened up my tent and stripped back the  fly then hung it on tree to drip dry. I wrung out my shorts , gloves and socks and did the same.
It was a slow get away, but I was in no hurry.
At last I was on trail, I finished the climb and was soon looking at amazing views wow!.  I stopped and stared before moving off.

The views all day were amazing.
I was dropping down into yet another gorgeous lake and watched the mist rising, but as I got nearer I laughed it was two backpackers and it was an actual  fire so it was smoke mot mist..(They too were trying to dry out)

I pushed on and decided the next water I was taking a break and  drying my gear.
As I dropped down I could hear voices and soon came across 3 trail workers  putting in a new path. I chatted for a  few minutes before moving off soon coming to a stream . Perfect I dropped my pack  then went for water. After I took off my tent roll and lay it all out  to dry in the sun, I was resting with a lady hiker came past “Special K”  and vanished off into the distance .

Once every was dry I set off . The afternoon had several large climbs and a biggy at the end of the day if I got that far ha ha
By now the sun was doing its best to roast me and the mossies to eat me.oh my god I have been bitten everywhere  and so itchy. 
I passed lake after lake all gorgeous, but the next lake i came too had its own beach nice.

As I stood there admiring it  Special k’s husband came by we chatted for a minute  then  he was gone. I meandered  along until I reached a  wide but shallow river. I sloshed across. Then stopped to top up water and take a break.

I was just chilling when special -K and Anvil repassed me they must have stopped for lunch
Refueling for the climb snail?
Yes less to carry up I laughed.
And yes it was a very steep climb  and hot as he’ll with numerous blowdowns to navigate over. 
I pushed on until 4pm when I needed another break, Okay only 5 more miles to the pass.
I wanted to do it but I was tired as I set off . I was just checking my map when Monk appeared, then Kid.
I took off after them, catching them at the next creek.
We chatted a while, Monk wanted more Mile’s so sped off, Kid was waiting for his partner Hot sauce and it wasn’t long until she appeared. 

I got water as I didn’t fancy the long 2.5  climb up. but still wanted to get a few more miles in.
I set off until I  found what looked like a perfect tent spot. I set up my tent and there was a suitable tree to hang too. So got out my line. Bit rusty but  it was soon over the limb.

I took the precation of eating away from my was sat on a suitable rock. 
I was drinking a cup of tea when I noticed a big black dog. As people pop up everywhere  I wasn’t  bothered.but then I realised it was a bear. He came lumbering towards me until I called out 

“Hey Bear”!

He then looked at me and sped off into the woods. Sadly my phone was being charged in my tent.
I finished cooking then hung my food bag.

No visitors  in the night  Zzzz




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