DAY 101 Big Sandy

Day 101 Big sandy


July 23rd 

I woke  up, then snoozed several tomes listening to the rain on my tent,
I  was hoping it would  stop enough  for  me to strip it down.
Okay let’s go,
It was 7am when I was back on trial I  and hadn’t gone far until I had to stop to remove layers as I was now roasting as the sun had decided to be hot

It was climb climb the trail guy had said this but it was far steeper and for much longer than up had anticipated and it was quickly warming up.
I pushed on through a corridor of blow downs that had been cut and stacked omg that must have taken some clearing but I believe I’m in for far worse later
I spoke to soon but the trail, guys had been busy so there were paths but several of the huge ones were left so they took some climbing over and were not easy.


NB  quick note
My  planning  had  been a bit  crap for the last several days, My fault and listening to others when I should  have done my own thing. I  had  sent a box to Big Sandy on recommendations of a hiker who had hiked the CDT 3 times and was on his  fourth.
But what I didn’t realize was that Big Sandy was on the Red route or CDT and I really wanted to hiked the Cirque of towers which is the blue route. And in fact I didn’t really need to send a box here at all as I have so much food.

I pushed on but the trail was no longer clear and should I be on this route??
but then there was only one route, I came to a clearing with some massive granite slabs ideal to dry my tent, so I stopped and got it out, with the sun it didn’t take long to dry . As I took 5 two other hikers came past they were Karaoke and Curtis They were both doing the blue  we chatted about the upcoming alternatives and I was a little annoyed I was missing out  as I wasn’t able to bounce my food box oh well will have to come back and hike that part another day.

Once my tent was dry I packed it up and headed down the trail BUT OMG I now had a wall of Tree. that was smashed and lay in every direction, previous hikers had pushed through but the trail was faint and took a lot of navigation and I spent so much time trying to find the trail or climb over trees, in 2 hrs.  I had barely gone a mile and my legs were scratched and bloody.
Then whilst trying to crawl under a tree my pack cover got sliced RIP pack cover.
God I was exhausted and was thankful when the trail at last returned to normal * okay the odd blowdown but not that obstacle course.
I pushed on until I reached the river and stopped to have lunch it was then I realised that my pack cover had been fatally wounded.
Okay snail ,miles  I pushed on and met two families who were out fishing they were catching

Brook trout small trout that they roll in flour and fry up, I chatted to them for a while and they offered me a beer .
Yes please. 

I pushed on until I was nearing the Trail head I knew I was getting nearer as many clean smelling people were passing me.
At last I arrived and a family leaving offered to drop me down at Big Sandy PERFECT.
I must admit  it was not  as I expected  but  I was pleasantly  surprised
I checked  in and  got  my  box then enquired if they had a spare “Room”

Yes, they did it was $180 a night and this included Evening meal, Breakfast and a packed lunch to go which i thought was a good deal.
I grabbed my box and a couple of  beers and  headed to my Cabin. It was then i realised that there was no electric  or  Wi-Fi  so no TV, but  I  still loved the place.
I grabbed a shower and washed my clothes in the sink before the bell went for dinner.
I joined several families around a large table and ate ham with pineapple and cheery sauce, mashed potato, beans in a cream sauce it was really tasty. I grabbed a couple more beers and headed back to my my cabin.
Several families invited me to join them around the fire pit but to be fair I was just exhausted.
Once back I decided to light the oil lamps and the fire to dry my clothes.  But the fire OMG it gave out so much heat I had to open the windows and door.  phew

I began to sort through my food box I have far too much, I really don’t think needed this box. Okay my error.
Oh the owners let me charge my phone and battery bank so they were good for the morning. 

NB  Big  sandy  is also a great place just a1 mile  from the trailhead to stop for food  and  drink and to chill for a while  but  there is no camping on site, only rooms
They also accept food- boxes  the  cost  is  $30  which  includes a bugger, soda and shower

 SO a mixed day but a great place with great company and so its bed   zzzz




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