Day 99 Heading to South Pass City

JULY 21st

Well, I wasn’t trampled to death by cow last night.  But oh my god they made such a noise.  Bellowing.
So again, another great sleep so much so I didn’t want to get up….so I didn’t. Well not until 7am God how lazy. But I knew it was only 16miles to town so I could do that without rushing.
So finally, I let out the air from my mattress and reluctantly   got up but omg it’s cold. Not freezing just bloody cold I reached for my shirt and hastily three it on before my morning pee. 
I lit my stove as I quickly packed up.  I was just about done when Heavy and Mouse came through. I had a quick chat then they were gone as they wanted to push into Lander. Then another hiker came through named Marty from New York. 

Okay I’m ready I hoisted my pack and was just leaving when silver arrived. 
Wow your late your normally up with the Larks.
We waked together to sweet- water bridge.
As I went to get water I tripped and almost went for a morning g swim… not good.
I grabbed 2 litres I will filter later. 
I then set off up the trail but took Leys alternate route knocks a few miles off but it was still hot and dusty. As I walked, I could see something ahead, It was a Solaris buggy with two men who were killing weeds.This weed is supposed to be poisonous. 
I nodded and continued up the dusty hot road the wind was typically blowing right at me, but it was keeping me cool as when it stopped, I began to bake.
I pushed on, on this boring track until I spotted a tree.
These have been rare in the basin… so I dropped my pack and sat beneath it and Silver joined me, he showed how my alternate map system worked But it still did not work like his.

Okay back to the trail.
We hiked on for about another 4 miles but then we had to part he was heading to Atlantic City, and I was going to South Pass City
I was going there as I had sent a food box there. But now I was wondering if I had made a mistake.
South Pass City is a historic Village (like western Towns), and you can wander around. There is also a small store, and I was looking forward to a cold soda and ice cream.
Where Atlantic city there was beer and burgers.The 3 miles there soon vanished, and I was here.
Sat under shade were the usual suspects.5 course, Shredder, the chez couple. Google and cross creek. I grabbed my box, some postcards (I am a tourist) a bottle of sarsaparilla and an ice cream.
I joined my fellow hikers in the shade drank my sarsaparilla which was rather tasty (expensive as this is a tourist town) wrote my cards and wondered where all this food was going to fit.

Somehow, I got it all in and with 3 litres l water both me and my pack groaned (I have too much food again) …But it’s because I have food left as I have completed the basin in 2.5 days earlier than I had anticipated  
One by one the other hikers all left .and all going to Leander.

NB In hindsight I should have just stopped here for a rest, some snacks and Ice-cream. I certainly didn’t need to send a box here and should have gone into Leander like everyone else

Once again, I questioned my choice of resupply location, but I only know what I know and had decided this many Towns back.
So, it’s done. Okay Big Sandy Lodge next. Hopefully, another box there then on to Dubois, after that it’s yellow stone and I’m a tourist again.

Okay I’m done. okay 1 more sarsaparilla. Bloody tasty.
Now I’m done. I headed out and found the trail and marched on . It was almost 3pm so I wasn’t going to do many much miles
I made it to the highway and crossed over, snow gates protecting the road from getting buried in snow
I headed off into a rocky forest and once again the trail followed many horseshoe prints
Grrr I have just walked almost a circle, I could have just gone straight on, the trail meandered like this for the rest of the afternoon until saw the perfect spot for my tent.  I put up my tent under the shade of a tree. Nice.
Next task was to sort out my food bags. DONE.

OKAY time to eat and relax.

Night all

Mileage 23. 


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