DAY 98 The Basin day 3

Day 98 The Basin day 3

July 20th


I woke early and felt great, luckily the wind had died down last night

I stripped down my tent and made     a cuppa from my remaining water.

I  was just finishing up  when  OMG  silver  appeared 
Good morning Snail trainer. Good to see you

We chatted for 5 minutes before he headed off

I quickly  finished up  and  took off after him.
It was early  but  at  6am   it was already  getting  hot  (thank you basin)

There  should  be a water cache  in 4 miles  fingers crossed  but also another pond  just before.
I pounded   down the trial  feeling  great    and  it wasn’t too long  until I spied the pond .

I dropped my pack and walked to wards it with 1 bottle. As I neared its edge  I noticed a figure  sitting by the edge, it turned out  to  be Franzia
Hi  there  where are  your  buddies ?
it appeared  that she  stopped  for a nap  yesterday  and  just fell asleep     lol   

I  grabbed  water then headed back to my  pack…..
By  now  she was a head  of  me    so  I  followed  her ,
In the distance  I  could  see  a trail head  and a person .
When I arrived there was Silver and Franzia   and  two  boxes  full of  water  jugs (large water bottles )


I filled up my bottles and bladder and signed the book, the two left but I need a few more minutes.  I was just about to leave when a figure arrived who I recognized.  It was Shredder   I hiked may miles of the PCT with so we ended up chatted for another 10 minutes.

WE headed off down the trail together but today I was faster so   Passed him and headed off following the winding sandy road.

God  it was hot again   and  so  I  put  up  my umbrella  again , but  had  to be careful  when  a gust  of wind  appeared .
I [pushed on for  several  hrs.     until I needed water    and  it was matched as a spring on my map, but  I couldn’t see it  in fact I walked [past  it several  times  until I spotted the worn trail in the field.
when I got to  it sat  in the shade was silver and  Shredder.

I quickly dropped my [pack  and  grabbed water before  trying to find  some sort of  shade.
I then decided to make some  tea  two  cups  in fact.

As I sat almost dozing     many other hikers arrived, 5-course, Gourmet, Heavy & Mouse, Cross creek and Marty.  So a good   gathering. Shredder then took off and I followed about 10 minutes later.

By now the wind had picked up and I began to struggle with my umbrella then whoosh.

A, mighty wind quickly turned my umbrella inside out with such force it snapped off the vanes, Bugger    that’s the end of you my faithful companion….

A struggled to disconnect it from m y pack as the wind 


Dam typically when it’s  as  hot as hell you  destroy  my  umbrella, I shoved  it  into  y  pack  and  stomped  off  down the  never ending sandy  road.
next water was  in 4 more miles   so I  drank  steadily  The  next  spring (Mormon)  was in another field  and  it  was     a bit  of detective work to  find  it, and  sadly  it wasn’t as nice as the ;last  but  hey  its  water. I topped up as this would be my last stop as I dint think I would get to the river as that would be a 32-mile day my biggest so far but hey you never know.

I pushed on   watching the hrs.  tick by, typically now I was heavy with water there were several climbs’.  but  oddly  I seemed to have extra energy  today.
I then noticed a figure  up ahead  and  set  off after  it   I  was gaining  gaining  and  eventually  it was  shredder  who I caught up  with,, Slowing down fella  I said.


We walked on together until the trail became an actual road and was amazed to see two cyclist come by. Its amazes me where these people just come from.


Okay I need a break so stopped by the side of the road, shredder was pushing on to the river which was only 1.4 miles away

After 10 minutes I took off again   and could see shredder in the distance climbing yet another hill, I pushed on after him until I reached a cattle Grid   to the lefty hand side was the perfect spot. Okay that will do me.

I Cleared the area of stones and soon had my tent up, AS I got set up    5-course, Gourmet, cross creek   came by.

A little later a white  car  appeared  and  a man in a Stetson got  out, I presumed it was  the Rancher and  I asked if  I was okay camping  where I was ,
But  it was 4 French  guys  on holiday, so  we  had  a quick  conversation I asked if they  had  any  spare water  but sadly not , then they drove  off,

I had finished cooking and was just admiring the Sunrise when   the cows appeared to be coming my way to sleep…Maybe I was in their spot. As they spent the next 10 minutes plus mooing

Mileage 29


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