DAY 97 The Basin day 2

Day 97 The Basin Day 2

July 19th

Well luckily the wind died and I slept well, and I was getting up early, well I was up early but a very slow getaway.
In the morning there were about another 6 tents. I watched as this Girl hiker got up, dropped her tent and just went wow… why cant I do that, i seem to just faff about.
Okay I’m on trail and wow its really smooth and downhill, Dam I should have gone on last night dam ….
I headed down until I came to a main road as I crossed over I noticed a bag of oranges, nice. I grabbed one and headed on.
The trail began to climb  and it was already heating up, come on some wind please just a breeze maybe, it was only am and already it was 73*
I kept Pushing until I needed a break phew, I found a tree and took 10 mins but I wanted those miles so it was just a quick break.

Water was in 7 miles , but I was carrying plenty , i always carry too much, but i do drink it.
I was back on a gravel road , that headed into the distance , phew it was hot and i soon needed to take yet another break this is not a good start Mr.  snail  lol.
Okay umbrella time, I fixed on my umbrella and headed back to the trail, wow that’s much better, I was now beginning to see cows and cows always seem to know where water is,

As I hiked on I noticed cell masts on top of a hill so turned off airplane mode…. Ping ping ping.
Oh lots of messages most I will read later. But I had some great photos of my grandson from, my daughter. The Uk has a heat wave, but it’s still not as hot as here. Come on snail turn off your phone and start walking lol.

I was just going through a wired gate when Bright eyes appeared hello you long time no see.
She headed off in front of me but at a pace I was able to match which meant I was going well. But  as I stop often to video  I  soon lost sight of her.
wow  even with my brolly the sun was still scorching  come  on water where are you,
Down in the valley I spied two large ponds, the water looked sparking when I was up but the lower I got the less appetizing the water looked and it was pretty crappy when I stood by the side of it. But hey its water.  But I thought I would check out the second pond

That looked much better. I dropped my pack before noticing bright eyes sat behind me.
Oh hello I’m said.
Sat by the water’s edge on the other side was a big cow, I must admit I was envious as I didn’t have the time to be that lazy ha ha.
I filled up 2 liters and filtered before relaxing in the sun.
Soon bright eyes headed off she was trying to do a 24 hr. stint, how many miles in 24hrs many a  hikers do this because they are mad lol.

I watched bright eyes go and climb out of the valley, omg it looked steep.
Okay snail time to walk .

I  slung  up  my pack  and  headed  the  way  Bright eyes  had  gone.
I  hate  dragging water  uphill  but I had  no choice  as the next was in 11 miles  time.. Arrrh.
The climb appeared to have no end as I huffed and puffed my way up.
Once up on the ridge it climbed and dropped  omg why can’t it just stay level (Moan) I pushed on the sun baking me to a crisp, I began to ration my water as 11 miles was far in this heat
At 3pm I hit the dreaded wall I was exhausted and done…  but still had a way to go…
I dropped my pack and sat on the ground I just can’t do anymore, I pondered for a moment then had an idea  
I would try to put up just my fly.… 
wow it works I put in my pack and crawled inside, it was cooler but not much I poured water over my bandana and covered my face. I lay there trying to conserve energy  a few hours should do it. the sun will be less hot. (ha ha)

As I lay there I noticed about 6 other hiker feet pass by.
I was still roasting, and it didn’t appear to be getting any cooler okay 3hrs is enough.
I packed up and hiked on only to find I had yet another massive hill to climb.
This annoyed me more for not trying to push on earlier but I just couldn’t. It was bloody steep and once again a long climb, so a few rude words were said.
Once up typically the trail headed down, I would have tried to cut the trail but in the distance there appeared many trails and I would certainly choose the wrong one. But omg the trail has done a complete horseshoe, this annoyed me even more.
Oh great we are heading for a clump of trees perfect to pitch my tent…. Oh no we are not we are climbing once again. The hours.  and miles were falling but I was exhausted and running on emergency power.
Then the bloody wind arrived…. where were you when I needed you I shouted into the air… okay the next flat spot is mine.
Typically I had to keep trudging for another 40 minutes.
Okay that will do.
I  dropped my pack and got out my tent ready to erect  but then I  felt  dizzy so just lay on top of  my tent until I felt  better.
after 5 ish minutes I put my stove together a cuppa is what I need.
As the water began to heat up I began to put up my tent then kicked over the water
F*uck F*uck   No No, I was low on water and just didn’t need this. I managed to rescue some and moved my stove further away and started again.
After i had finished setting up my tent, I was too tired to cook so just ate snacks but did drank several cups of tea.

Okay  its  bed  time  but as it was fairly  late I was  able to witness a great Sunset 
Okay  fingers crossed  the wind  dies  down  and  for a better day tomorrow

Apologises not too much filming today.


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