DAY 90 Bogs,Butterflies and bullshit


t’s was a great sunset last night and a great sunrise.

I really  didn’t want to get up as I  was so comfy  in my bag.

I eventually pulled the stopper on my mattress. 

And started the task  of getting up .

It was a beautiful morning. 

I made tea and ate 2 instant oats

Okay lets go.

I quickly found the trail  and pushed on heading down and straight into  a bog. Really!!

I tried to keep my feet dry as long as I  could. But then gave up.

I was in bog land for at least  40 minutes.Not the same bog different ones. Arrrrrhhhh. 

On the AT there would be duck boards  I moaned .

I was in the forest for a good  90 minutes  before emerging into day light and a big dead area.  I pushed on as it was beginning to warm up.. But I was still heading down . But it was time to do the blow downs  dance.  And there were quite a few.

Eventually  I climbed up and out of bog  city  and pushed on down the trail.  It was now in a forest that was heading down….I font like heading down for too  as it only means one thing… yes  UP.

Then I met a group of people coming  up the trail. I did the double take then realise that they were a trail crew  with their saws and gear.

I chatted to them for 5 minutes. 

And thanked them.

These  are the invisible  hero’s  who keep the trail  clear.

Some ate volunteers.  And they have walked several miles up trail

Carrying  their gear.  No chain saws . Just manual.

I eventually  came to water so filled up and took a break too

It was about another’s  20  minutes to the trail head where their cars were parked.

The trail now  followed the service road.  As I walked along there were dozens of butterflie taking a drink from the damp road.

I pushed on up as it was  good to walk on. I passed a couple with their dog and walked straight past the  trail junction.

But luckily not far, I followed the trail as it climbed . Bloody hell its getting hot  my watch said 89 and it was still early.

The trail meandered  around the woods up and down but fairly  gentle.before  dropping down to the road. I had to follow this hot snd dusty road.

It crossed the river by a large bridge. Below was a man fishing Any luck  I called. 

HE shrugged  his shoulders.

I crossed over the bridge then walked down to get water

I poured a bottle over my head as I was  roasting 

Then filterd 2 bottles. 

I pushed on through the park following the  badges on  the trees.

I passed several large campsites  until the trail took a sharp right  and climbed up  and over several hills.

I met several day hikers on their way  back.

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