DAY 91 Heading to Wyoming Or Leaving Colorado

July  13th

I was pleased that I wasn’t blown off of my hill last night and I had slept so well, maybe I was just so exhausted from yesterday. I think I had slight sunstroke or was just dehydrated I packed up and walked back to the  trail .

And imeaditly it was up …and up 
Well I wouldn’t of  had  any more energy’s  to do this yesterday and today on full battery I was struggling, It was just up and on a dirt road used with things with engines  and I haven’t got one. 
Still the road ( sorry trail ) climbed , wow the views behind me were amazing but I’m looking forward .I pushed on until  at last the  trail levelled  out  hurrah.
I was able to get  some sort of pace as the road (sorry trail) meandered through the forest.
As I hiked on I began to hear voices  and sat back a little way from the trail was three tents. I recognised 1as Fish who I had met in lake City, there was also Dragonzilla  and Triple Threat.
Hi guys I warned them about the bushwhack and section and headed on 
It was about another 4mins until I came to water, I dropped my pack and began to filter 2 litres, then I heard s voice  it was Honey Badger ,another flipflop hiker, we chatted for a few minutes before I hiked on. 
As I carried on the road (trail) deteriorated  into a rock nightmare. that was awful to hike over and for more fun water flowed through it.
The trail now dived sharply, again it was littered with rocks making walking scary and hard work as it continued down for almost 40 mins . Finally it levelled out , but then the shade vanished and it was hot and getting hotter. .so hot in fact I needed to hike from shade to shade constantly drinking water .
It was no good I needed another break, I was hot too hot as I sat under the shade of a tree for 20 minutes before being able to hike again. I pushed on the sun still getting hotter, the trail was beginning to annoy  me as it was just a very steep roller coaster up and down up and down up and down but steep and in direct sunlight..
Then in the distance the trail climbed yet another ridiculous steep hill, what the F*uck is that I said very loud, what’s the bloody point…..Arrrrrhhhh. 

I dragged myself up it, swearing to the trees . Once at the top it  levelled for about 30 minutes before of course diving straight down and of course the trail was littered with rocks and boulders making travel almost impossible. Well its a skidoo  track and normally covered in snow and its really impossible to hike down  ..whinge whinge. 
It took a while to get down  then it began to climb again but at least it was a “Trail” now
Once I had completed the next steep climb the trail became level and was nice to hike on  apart from the obligatory  blowdowns to manoeuvre around.  I pushed on until
At last hurrah  the border whoop whoop I’m here 
Welcome to Wyoming 

I was so happy my third state, I took several photos before looking and finding water. 
Okay Wyoming Okay lets see how far we can push 
I was immediately in another forest and climbing until I came to the 1500 sign in stone a few more whoops then i pushed on 

The Sun sudden hid and back clouds rolled in.. mmm that’s not too good but I pushed on until the thunder started. But I kept going
until a few sprinkles began to fall.  Then there was a huge clap of thunder that really made me jump as it was so loud 
OMG it was loud. I’m going yo get wet  I think.
I began to keep an eye out for a tent spot as I kept moving forward, the thunder getting ever louder.
OK there , a perfect spot.
As soon as I stopped rain began to fall so I hurriedly threw up my tent, great timing. I quickly got inside and became to get organised. Then the sun came out ..Really.
I put my stove together and became to make a cuppa when Boom and the heavens opened.  
The rain fell in buckets but I was snug in my bag as the rain kept falling . The thunder echoed in the valley, it was very scary at times, as darkness fell the lightning  lit up my tent until eventually I fell asleep


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