DAY 88 leaving Steamboat


I slept really well but then with the price of the bed I should lol. I put on the coffee machine much better with real milk.
I switched on the tv to catch the news and relaxed as I was in no hurry. Around 8ish I stuck a meal into the microwave. I had planned on eating both last night but then decided I had eaten enough so ill have it for breakfast with another coffee followed  by two yoghurts and an orange .
Okay I still had stuff to go into my pack although it was full, I pulled  it all  out and started again, that’s better.
Although there were still a few bits, its no good I’m going to have to leave them .
I did one last round of the room and yes I’m ready but it’s only 9 so I’ll make the most of the room, one more coffee, i finished off the sprite then later I finished off the milk. Okay now I’m ready.
I hoisted up my pack  and left the room, handed  in my key changed my coins into notes and said  goodbye.
It was pricey but I enjoyed my stay and the front desk always knew my name and couldn’t do enough for me.
I walked across  the road and took up my hitching position, further up the road I could see two other hikers let’s see who gets a ride first……I lost lol
My driver had 7 dogs in the car all husky’s, mum, dad and 5 babies (16 weeks). He also has 14 more in Alaska as he does mushing sled teams. I was quite impressed. He dropped me at the trail head which was perfect . I thanked  him and set off up the trail . It was now 11am  so we will not do a great deal today.

The trail quickly turned into a skidoo trail but thankfully this one was flat not rutted like others. It headed up but on a much gentler  tract Then it became road I guessed this was the old main road.
Half way up I stopped and looked around  and behind me was Rabbit Ears, It’s a rock formation  high on the hill and is very famous, from my angle it doesn’t really look like ears but from other angles it does.
I followed the road up and eventually it came to another trail head and campsite. The trail now became a trail  for a few yards before become a dirt toad for the campsite. The campsite was lush , nice pitches with a picnic benches  

Most appeared rented people sat and relaxed in the morning sunshine , the campsite also had several beautiful looking lakes.  The trail became a trail again and headed away from the campsite. I met numerous people waking and most were chatty like me lol. Well I enjoy meeting people. 
I pushed on as it was beginning to get warm, crossing over a do not use this bridge and carried on up the trail. 

The trail was a gentle roller coaster and I had a great pace. Although I was still stopping to chat to people. I met a southbound  hikers. I’m guessing he was flipflopping  Or finishing off a section. He gave me some great advice about Wyoming. 
I pushed on until I came to a cross roads.  I was just checking my app when another hiker caught me. He was from the Chez Republic.  I let him pass as my foot was hurting today around my ankle and as this part of the trail was badly cut up it was making my foot worse.
I kept him in sight as I followed  him, eventually  arriving at yet another trail head. As I headed down once again I passed about a dozen people going the other way, many had fishing rods.
It was almost 2 pm so when I spotted a huge log, I decided to break for lunch, as I sat there still more people passed by
Then another hiker passed, we chatted for a few minutes before he headed off. He was soon followed by a girl out on her bike.
Okay snail let’s go, the trail headed down with the added fun of log jumping
I was eventually at the bottom. Hmm where does the trail  go,?
I Soon came to lake 1, I tried to film but the mossies were having none of that so I fled, the next lake wasn’t so bad , I took  5 mins.

Then I spotted a couple with their dog coming down from the other side. Once again we chatted for a while before heading on in opposite directions. There were a few climbs then flat, sounds perfect. But I take what I’m told with a pinch of salt. 
Further along the trail my boxers and shorts seemed to gave a disagreement so at the next water I dropped my pack to sort the issue.  Done
I grabbed a 1 litre as the next was in 5 miles and if I stopped before at least I could make a cuppa.
The trail was fairly level and I was feeling great, thank god as the last few days I have had no energy or stamina at all. 
Wow  its 5.30  come on snail  let’s try to get to at least 6.30, I pushed on  as thunder echoed nearby, great that’s all I need luckily the rain held off. 
Wate, fantastic I filled another litre now I just need a flat spot .

EXCEPT… there were none so 6.30 came and went , it was just after 7 when I said fuck it the tents going up…..
I passed several tents and men wearing their bug nets. I think its going to be a compromise!!!.
But then yes I can get my tent in there. But OMG It was buggy (Mossies) I threw up my tent, checked myself and my pack for mossies then got inside dragging in my pack I soon had tea on and my tent organised

Mileage 15 not at all shabby 


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