Day 87 Zero in steamboat

July 9th 

It’s a zero but I was up early as chores  needed to be done.

But first breakfast, they give you 50 % off so why not try.

I had the cracker barrel that was half a  waffle , bacon,sausage scrambled  egg and fried potatoes

It was tasty  but the waiter I had  was not brilliant.

Okay to town…..

I walked to where the bus stops.

There were two hot air balloons just taking off I looked around to see if there were others. But only thec two

I  didn’t have to wait long for the bus .The bus starts  locally  and winds it’s way around the ski area under the gondolas  before heading out of town but into downtown.

This is where all the shops and bars were. I got off and went to look for a barbers as I was looking a little like a scarecrow .

I found it .it’s walk in but you have to put your name on a list and wait for your name to be called.

There were about 6 people waiting but the wait was about 10 minutes so it wasnt long until I was in the chair .

The lady did a great job and tidied up my beard  thank god.

Okay Post was the other end but not far.

I walked in and to the counter and handed over my driving licence. 

To my surprise  all 3 of my boxes were here. As I had ,had automated messages  saying they were being returned to sender. So I re- bounced  them up the trail. I was just finishing up when Monk appeared  he was  posting a supply box then he was heading back.

Okay next the market as I’ve heard good things about   Quiche that’s sold from one of the stalls.

But sadly when I got there   they were sold out.there was one similar but it was expensive.

Okay  I saw a tshirt in a stall so went back and brought it .then had a large fresh  lemonade.

I sat under a tree in the park as my watch said it was 97 and it felt  it.

Okay I need to resupply then laundry… but as I walked  to the bus stop I passed  by an ice cream shop abd walked out with a tub of huckleberry  ice-cream  oh it was so good .

OK bus…. I got on and began chatting to a lady from Chicago. 

Then Monk  got on  trying  to get out of town. I was supposed to get off at the walmart stop but I missed it so stayed on the bus to go around again.

Okay this time I will get off.

I went to the grocery stomp instead.i didn’t need much but still doent too much but that included lunch and dinner too.

I caught the bus back  and went straight to my room.then to reception to get change and soap powder. Okay laundry is in .

Lunch time I brought a salad some ham  potato salad  and had a leisurely  lunch  washed down with sprite. 

Okay next to decant  my purchases .mm I have too much food. See if I can carry it.

Okay washing is drying . And so now I can relax. 

Back to the trail tomorrow and heading to Wyoming whoop whoop 

So more lemonade and trash TV 

Night all

Mileage  Zero

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