DAY 86 Still heading to Steamboat

July 8th

 woke up early and refreshed 

Determined to to make ammends  for a  poor day yesterday…

I pushed off and began a small climb but that soon leveled out .

I passed the remains of a carcass of some big beast then a few more yards was the skull,interesting . When I came out of the woods  I was greeted with my first amazing views .


I imeaditly  dropped back into  the forest  and began the usual  chore  of log jumping, but I seem low on energy  due to my stomach issues.. but I kept pushing it was early and already in the high 80s . Phew   once again I came to a clearing  and again amazing views.

But I need to get back to my log jumping…. but   omg  the trail guys   had been in and  the amount of blowndowns  was horrendous  and they had cleared the lot .amazing  thank you so much trail guys. 

The mossies  now decided they were  hungry  and I was lunch. 

I was recommended   to use a spray with picaridin in but the moment I spray myself with this they can’t wait to land on me and feast and  so I’m convinced the Colorado  mossies  love the dam stuff so switching back to deet  for the next section.

The trail was really  well-marked and maintained   ha ha spoke too soon its now vanished.

Okay got you,i pushed on bumping into a couple from Seattle who were hiking  from steamboat to Twin lakes.Nice section. I wished them well. 

I pushed on  up the trail, the trail now began to dropdown into  a skidoo  track , which was no fun at all as  it was cratered and full of rocks and so difficult to walk in so where ever possible I waked on the ridge.

OK snail water we need water.  The app says in 1 miles great.

And  not to disappoint there it was. I grabbed 2 liters and double filtered.( MORE  cautious  since becoming ill)

I also took a longish  break and ate a few snacks.

Okay lets go..

I continued  down  the trail which was hard work before turning off. Great I thought  but this trail also allows  moter bikes and so new  obstacles of huge  puddles and deep ruts but it is what it is.

The trsil now entered another large burn area  and even though  it was a few years ago the acrid smell of ash hung in the air

As I hiked along I was joined by a creek ,I  found the sound of it bubbling along quite therapeutic.

I followed this for several hrs before  the trail split off and climbed to the right.

It started gently  but it wasn’t to last and with the temperatures rising  I began to melt  and soon needed a another break. 

At the perrfect log  I dropped my pack and chilled .

God its so hot…

Okay  snail let’go 

I was still pushing trying to crack miles and get into steamboat .

But of course the trail began climbing ever steeper and was like a motor cross track and so once again I walked on the top where possible. I was still in the burn  but was  amazed at how  drwaf lupins had  began  to populate the area in a carpet of blue.

As I pushed on I began to hear the sound of motor bikes .the sound for progressively  louder until the bikers came into view.1,2

3  I stood off trail as they flew by.i kept watching so I could see where the trail went. I was just about to resume  walking when a fourth biker appeared and vanished  leaving a trace of  burnt fuel in the air .

Think it’s now safe lol and  resumed   but  the trail now resembled a tank training track so walking over it was a nightmare and of course it was up. Oh snd bloody hot snd in a burn area  there is no shade.

I began to struggle  and slurred  more water. As I struggled up one  hill there was another 

Come on trail down or level please because of the heat I was   slurping  a lot of water and so will need more soon.

Great the trail is now heading down but of course steep snd because of the ruts it was a nightmare to walk down  but  water I can see water.

At last I dropped my pack  and filled  and filtered  2 litres . One I  downed was I that thirsty. 

Okay lets go. The next few miles was a roller coaster  up and down.  I was quite impressed on how the bikes get up these hills.

As i struggled.  

In the distance I could see a road but typically the trail goes in the opposite  direction. 

Bit from my app I was getting close to the trail head.  From here I cross over the road and then it’s not far to town whoop.

At last I was heading down and could hear the sound of traffic.

I  was getting closer and closer and at just I emerged out onto the trail head.

Now this bit is a bit hazy……

But I went to sit on a rock to take 5  

The kind lady  said that I staggered   to the rock.went to sit down but missed and fell on the floor  and didn’t get  up.

So she took me to urgent care in Steamboat.

I think with the stomach issues ,pushing too hard and  being dehydrated was all too much.

The Drs/ Nurses there were really great . The main Doctor  looked at the meds that I brought  from the UK and said ” Well they aren’t any use”

Well that’s bloody useful no wonder I’ve been so poorly. 

So she prescribed the correct meds plus an extra box just in case and other meds to fix me.

So a little pricy  but we’ll worth it as the issues  were making my hike a misery .

So fingers crossed. 

Okay I now need a bed and  Steamboat is very very expensive.

I found a hotel,far more than I wanted to pay,but it’s done.

Okay quick shop for some lemonade and some yoghurt(Dr recomends)

I flagged down the free bus  and set off for my hotel.

I checked in, dropped my a bucket of ice and poured a large lemonade (NO beer for 7 DAYS !!!! )

Okay shower time  and wow its a great shower with good pressure and HOT water .

Okay R&R time.

I feel a lot better after speaking  to the Dr and getting the correct meds.

So night all 

Mileage  17

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