DAY 84 Leaving Grand Lake

July 6th.

The alarm went off at 7am I snoozed it and kept snoozing until 7.45.I slid out of bed put on the coffee and then went for a shower. 
Omg hot water and with pressure. Heaven…. I let the spray wake me up, Oh that’s a good shower.
I grabbed some towels and dried as I walked back into the main room. The coffee was good but I hate the creamer. Okay next hotel I’m going to buy milk. I drank my coffee whilst watching  breakfast tv and packing up.
Okay I’m going to order some gloves. I phoned  the shop and spoke to a lovely lady who was determined to help me  😀
Okay she’s found the product.☆
They are on sale ☆
Send to the postoffice ☆
Okay credit card ☆
This is where it normally fails
What’s is the Billing address!!!!
Big breath fingers crossed
No 5 ……..
Yes that’s all gone through☆

OMG Amazed. Lol, Thank you so much…
5 minutes later I get the confirmation  email.. It’s all good except the price has  gone up  but  I just want these  dam gloves.
Okay I finish packing up. 1 beer left in the fridge so it’s coming with me.  I am not taking the crisps (chips).
Okay 9.30 let’s get out if here. 
I hoist my pack fuck your heavy. Why are you so heavy. Maybe too much food. 
Oh well I passed reception and dropped in my key. The  Big Horn  hotel. Room clean. Bed bloody comfy. 
Shower amazing. Near to shops bars and post office☆☆☆☆☆ 
cost ☆☆! 
But I could have  gone elsewhere. 
I walked through the town. It was still bustling but nowhere as as on the 4th July. I passed  several restaurants and the breakfast  smells almost made me drop my pack .
Will power snail lol.
Then I was slightly disappointed for not exploring the town funny.
At the end of the main drag the road and trail turns sharp  left and continue  up a smallish hill.
Dam I will have to come back again.
As I began to climb I noticed a house decked out with some major flags. In the back yard is an old man practicing his golf swing  and sending clumps of earth over the trail. 
When he sees me he stops and come over for a chat.
I complain that there is no union- Jack or St George flag.
We laugh but I need to go
I carry on up and cross  the main road, In front and to the right is the Hostel  far far cheaper than what I payed. But I wanted rest and relaxation, to watch crap on TV and just be me.
I carried on going the trail now marked with Cdt emblems. A jogger came past I wished her well then just in front was a grazing deer not bothered about  me at all. 

The trail now splits  and I am going to do alternate. As I pushed on I was bring attacked by legions of mossies ,bastard things.  Arrrrrhhhh.  The trail was very well maintained with perfect steps and run offs. I was following the river and in places the roar was deafening. I pushed on  impressed with the trail. I was soon in a burn area  and even though it was possibly  a while ago the smell of Ash was still in the air. 
As I continued on  I could see people ahead, eventually  passing a family:

The Mother Said CDT. 
Yes a Brit from Oxford I said or rather another mad person.
She laughed, I do bits she said but you won’t catch me doing all of it.
I replied if all the trail was as good to  hike on as this then you would  smash it 
We both laughed and I headed on my way.
Several minutes later the jogger passed me returning from her run.
Soon I came to some green fencing across in the trail. 

With warnings not to proceed as it was dangerous ( Fire Damage)
So I walked around  it and carried on. (I have been scared so much in the snow this should not worry me ,)
I pushed on for two hours before I needed a break. (I am still not feeling 100% ) I glugged a pint of  water and ate a few snacks.
I could possible sit here all day until one of the voices in my head shouted MILES.
OKAY  I grabbed my pack and set off  back down the trail.  In the distance I saw a flash of pink , it was moving. Okay it a jogger who is also ignoring the closure sign. 
I stood off trail  as got closer, Thank you  she said as she whizzed by..
This next bit of trail  was badly damaged by fire and the trees that had been installed had been badly damaged by the fire. .

I kept pushing as the trail appeared level or maybe  a small incline. Then I could see a horse coming towards me no its llamas .
I stood off trail as a forest ranger came passed leading three llama.  All loaded up wow.  Then the female ranger asked “Where is your permit ?
I looked at her Blankly
CDT hiker  ? She asked
Oh yes I  am .
Okay then your good. Enjoy your hike.
I watched them go.
I’m guessing that Llamas are carrying gear for trail maintenance .
As soon as they were out of sight a couple of hikers also came by heading south. I wished them well and stay safe.
I pushed on down the trail until i came to large trail junction .
It was a little  confusing but I selected the right route.
Once again it was fairly flat  until it  began to head down  .I was still in the burn area after almost 3 hours .God must have been a huge fire.
Then the trail  became very well maintained, it looked like they have been concentrating on this area to repair the fire damaged trail . Oh a bridge, looks as if it was made on trail, then another one and then two more. . Wow

No bridge’s and then four together lol. It made me smile. The trail now headed down sharply and I could see cars driving by.
Great I’m almost at the road . I emerged onto the trailhead but it had barriers across to stop cars from parking.  Then I noticed a drop toilet to my right. Perfect. 
I walked over to it dropped my pack but as soon as I came out the heavens opened.
Luckily the drop toilets have a decent I sat down ate my apple and watched the rain fall. after 10 minutes it began to ease and the sun was trying to shine again.
To my left I could see another hiker with his pack cover on marching down the road.. I waved and thought he may come over, but he carried on going as I saw him vanish down the road on my right.
Okay lets go snail. I slung up my pack and headed down the road. 
I was almost at the next parking point, when a lady pulled over and asked if she could take my photo.
As I’m not in any hurry I agreed.
She parked her car then got out an enormous tripod. She took about 10 minutes setting it up before she was read to take  my picture..  I will  wait to see if she forwards them to me
#cdt2022  lol
I carried on going down the road until I was at the part where the CDT  crosses over the I continued down the  dirt track mountain Goat and 5 course appeared hey good to  see you both.
I let them go ahead of me no way am I chasing. 
As the boys made there way, I noticed a moose standing in the field the boys were crossing. 

It seemed to be a youngish female and didn’t look at all fazed by two hikers walking  through her meadow.
I followed and the moose looked at me before deciding that I was no threat.
I should have watched where the boys went, as I shortly arrived at a largish river. I looked up stream but no way to cross  with out wet feet. So splash splosh  I was across only to notice a bridge on my right. Bollocks oh well.
I pushed on up the trail to the accompanying sound of thunder Mmm think I’m going to get wet. 
I should have got water!! Next water in 2.2 miles
Oh that’s not too bad I thought.
Then the rain started. I dropped my pack and slipped on my pack cover, then my rain coat. 
It was good timing as whoosh down cane the rain. I sheltered under several large trees until the  rain began to ease. 
Water, I need water. I debated getting it from the numerous  puddles that had now appeared but thought better of it. 
I hiked on in the rain climbing numerous blowdowns and there were lots. 
Oh great, a stream crossed the trail , that’s perfect for me.
I filled up both bottle’s , slung up my pack , Omg that’s heavy. 
I marched on up the trail until I saw several flat spots and began to ponder. It was the bloody mossies who persuaded me to carry on . The rain was now just spitting as I pushed on down  the trail. Why are the mossies out in such numbers, the rain should make them go-away!! After  almost an hour I spotted the perfect spot
I dropped my pack and quickly got my tent up.

I would have liked to have sat outside and drank my cuppa but once again the mossies say NO!! LOL
Once my tent is up I sling every thing inside and quickly close up the door to stop any buzzy things getting in.
I just chilling on my bed when I see mountain goat walk by.
He stopped and put up his tent on the last downpour
Stay safe out there I say and then he’s gone. 
I quickly make my tea and then I can relax. 

Night all

Mileages  17 miles great


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