DAY 83 ZERO Grand Lake

July 5th

Another great sleep.Guess I needed it. 

Okay no hurry today.

Okay I had an email from sealskinz. They have contacted FedEx and hopefully should get delivered  “Soon”

But that’s not helpful. So I give FedEx a call. They assistant wants to be helpful.  But the only option is to post it backwards not forwards. Which is not helpful. I was hoping they could bounce  forward but no not an option.

So reluctantly  I ask them to cancel the order.

Then emailed the supplier and advised them  too.

Okay that’s wasted a lot of the morning.

Next task fuel .I wandered up town and found the outdoors store. In side I was amazed to find.Erica and frenza.  Haven’t  seen them for ages. 

I grabbed fuel a new bum bag as mine was falling apart and two mountain house meals  for the next section.

Okay next was the post office to  send my microspikes up trail. 

It wasnt that far. All done.

Now for a food shop.

Which again was near to the post office.when I arrived once again there were a few friendly faces sat outside. 

I whizzed around grabbed a frozen meal for dinner.  Bits to resupply and a 6 pack. 

I headed back and sorted through my food.then I ate lunch a yoghurt 2 fruit jellies and a big glug of lemonade.

Okay to time to chill.

I then managed to facetime my freinds  2 families are in Cyprus  and Andy back in the UK.

It was so good to catch up.

Okay beer time 

Then big emergency warning flashed up on the TV about flash Floods in the area…  then the rain came omg 

So glad I booked a second night.

Okay veg time tv.chips and beer .

Night all heading to steamboat Springs in the morning ?

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