DAY 82 Grand Lake

July 4th

Well that was a great sleep. I slowly got up. ( NO coffee Here),But I had a large slice of pizza left  that was really good even cold.
Okay quick bit of phoning but as its July the 4th  it was pointless.
But I did book a hotel just in case. Bit pricy but it’s Grand lake and July the 4th. Okay lets get out of here .
I finished packing and hoisted up my pack.  I walked out and handed over my key.
Okay lets see  what the day brings. I marched off down the road taking  a shortcut through the gas station and onto the main road that goes to Grand lake. I began walking up the hard shoulder  looking for a suitable spot to stand.
I then noticed an ambulance sat on the side road. I de cider to ask them a question
In side were two lady paramedics
I asked them about Giardia. The eldest of the two suggest eating a few yogurts to help put healthy bacteria into my gut.
Seemed a good answer.
I thanked them and headed up the road. Okay thumb out.

It was a busy  road and it  went  through  Grand Lake so I should quickly get a hitch……Right !!!
I watched car after car go past … Really . After 30 minutes I thought I’d try walking so I I went  holding out  my thumb.   But nothing really… Well its July the 4th so mainly families  I guess. 
I stopped again as I was hot and took off a layer. 
Again I waited for 30 minutes
But still no…..dam….
Okay im walking again with my thumb still out and still nothing. 
God I thought with this amount of traffic it would be so easy  But NO !!
I kept on walking  in the blazing sun, pleased I had taken more water. I kept walking until I passed an Rv camp.
I was hot and with no shade I decided to stop. Again after 20 minutes nothing that’s almost 2.5 hrs  that’s dreadful .
I was just about to hoist my pack when a pickup stopped.
A lady wound down the window. Do you mind riding in the back ?
He’ll no.
I dropped my pack into the back and climbed up and in 
Whoop I’m on my way .
Soon I begin passing  some lakes meaning Grand lake is near.
We then began to drive through town. It was busy  and bustling.
The truck turned into a side street and stopped. 
Perfect I was right in town and near to my hotel.

I thanked them and crossed the road. I was just passing the Deli when I heard “snailtrainer” It was Rats and her boyfriend
Good to see you.
They then gave me some soap to do my laundry. 
So I grabbed all my stinky stuff and shoved it into a free machine.
Okay I go check in 
The hotel was only a block away .
Okay I my room is ready .Perfect.
I dumped gear  then headed back to the laundrette. My wash was done so  I put my clothes into the dryer.
Okay all done I headed across to the hardware store to grab fuel but they didn’t have the type I wanted. So began to wander downtown. I was just passing the World end Brew Pub when once again I heard “Snailtrainer ”  it was Kid and two new faces.  A British guy called Pirate from  Cambridge and xxx

I joined them ordered a beer and some chicken wings in bourbon sauce.they were bloody tasty but I was struggling to eat them so grabbed a box. I also wanted another beer but it was just so HOT. hot sauce then appeared 
We caught up.on gossip before I headed back to my room to chill with the  aircon on .

I also had a quick snooze  as there will be fireworks at around 10 pm, I sorted out my food bag to see what I needed and to eat any thing that needed eating. At 10pm there was a big bang that signalled the start of the fireworks.
They were amazing and loud as they echoed in the valley. 

Just a snippet

They went on for about 2 hrs wow so amazing . I watched from my veranda but  could still hear the sounds of enjoyment,claps and whoops of the many spectators over the roar and crackles of the rockets .
Well done town it was bloody amazing


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