Day 81 Heading to Grand Lake Day 4

JULY 3rd, 2022

It was nice to wake up without a wet tent, considering it did chuck it down last night. I packed up, drank my cuppa and then I was ready. I hoisted my pack and strolled up the dirt track until I came to the lake. Okay where is the trail I wandered around. The overflow from the lake was fierce I can’t cross that. Snails check your app!! Bugger, I walked straight past the trail. Okay back on trial and a bridge to cross the river, but the bridge had seen finer days. It was a beautiful day as I pushed on up the trail passing large clumps of my favourite flower  I think it is the columbine family.

I pushed on up through amazing cliffs before heading across a large meadow, then it was a slow spiral down through great smelling woods, I was dreading the next bit as I had been heading down for ages. But then yesterday I spent the morning climbing.

I thought I was at the bottom but no. I emerged onto a clifftop with amazing views of the valley and then began to descend once again As I began going down, I noticed several large, amazing cabins. Wow I am still going down.
The switchbacks were so well-built must have taken ages. Down and down eventually I emerged into a camp site with many tents dotted around.  I walked through jealous of the smells coming from the various camps. I began walking down the road until I got to water. I filled up But once again I was not feeling right. My antibiotics had fixed the giardia.  But I was still suffering. I need to wait as I need good bacteria in my stomach now. 

As I was daydreaming a car stopped and said do you need a ride to the bottom of the hill.
I just said yes. And got in.
We chatted and  oddly talked about foods and the food that i miss and I said I really fancy a pizza.
He laughed, funny he said I own a pizza restaurant. So, you fancy hanging out with a pizza and beer.
Sounds perfect I said. 
We soon arrived at his restaurant ,He opened and served me an iced water.
Staff then began to arrive and the wood fired pizza ovens were fired up.
He then made me the biggest pizza I have even seen washed down with a few beers
So please visit Pick axe pizza Idaho springs if your passing , bloody awesome

I managed to eat 3/4 then I was stuffed. The owner brought me a box to put the rest in for me to eat later the trail
Okay I will need a map please.
I’ll run you to the next town
 He dropped me off and I waved goodbye. 
My next ride was a Mexican contractor. We drove for about 5 miles then going up a hill his car just stopped.
He had blown a I wished him good luck and began waking. 
My next ride was by two young lads who were driving to Winter Park to stay with their parents. 
Once in winter Park I decided I needed a strawberry milkshake. Mmmm tasty okay I need to get on.

My next ride was from a pregnant young lady who was a housekeeper (Brave) But she could only take me to the next town.
My next ride was from a Mexican a plumber who took me all the way to Granby
I thanked them and got out, as I did, he thrust a $20 into my hand.
Okay it is now 4pm and I need somewhere to put my tent. I walked through the town and out the other side.
I think I am about 16 miles away, but then the rain began perfect. I slogged on up the road passing a motel…. shall I… or shall I not
Oh F*uck it indeed a bed, they had room for $100.
That will do. I checked in dropped my gear ,then walked to the gas station. I brought of bag of chips a sprite and a juice.
Once back at the motel I stripped off and jumped into the shower. 
Oh, pizza I ate another huge slice washed down with sprite. 
Then jumped into bed

Night all such an interesting day.


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