DAY 70 Heading to Twin Lakes Day 3

JUNE 22nd 2022

I was going to up early but it was cold…. I eventually pulled the plug I on my mattress at 5.40 and began the packup.
I was all ready to go just need to eat my instant oats and  drink my tea.Okay  we are ready and on trail by 6.30.
Immediately I was back climbing, that went on and on and on. Bloody hell I said to no-one .. this is bloody mad. 
At last I am at the top or am I?
I began to head down for several hours ,through several forests but they were all quite lifeless no bird song. Just silence….

I pushed on crossing several large streams, mountains lurked out of forests. remind me I have several more big climbs today….Thanks.
As I began another climb I caught sight of a deer trying to hide behind a tree. Seeing a deer really cheers me up. Weird but for some reason I feel that my late brother is part of them and is just keeping an eye on me. Yup said it was weird. But it makes me happy.
I emerged into a clearing with views of a great lake.  Wow such an amazing view. 

Think I’m going that way? WRONG….instead I began another massive climb.
This climb had switchbacks but it was still bloody steep. As I was pausing for breath a hiker named Gourmet appeared. He briefly stopped to inform me who was where and then he was gone how the F*uck  does he move so fast.
I struggled on and up eventually opening up onto an open hillside
Now where are we going OMG in front was a huge mountain and when I stared I could make out the fine Zigzag lines of a trail up it F*ck ,I’m going up there!!.
As I stared I could make out a figure climbing, It had to be gourmet.
I decided to take a quick break and watched this tiny figure get higher.God it was high.
Okay snail here we go……
I set off and was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as it looked and in 40 minutes I was at the top.
The views were amazing, except the back was covered in snow.

It looked extreme scary and it was. I followed others footsteps always a good move. It was high and steep and extremely slippery Phew at last I was on solid ground, although I wasn’t as it was shale and probably more slippery than the snow.

So it took me a while to inch myself down until at last I was really on solid ground. In the valley below was another lake and I could make out campers  and a person with a dog.

I began to spiral down through the woods, crossing numerous snow bungs that were mushy. The trail continued its spiral down for over an hour emerging into a long valley with beaver  ponds . I was pushing as it was still downhill, until the rain came , luckily it was just drizzle. I decided to stop and put on my cover just in case. I was just about to rejoin the trail when Yader appeared I scared him by calling his name

Opps we then walked together for a while but  with my rain jacket on I soon began to over heat ( the rain had gone) so I said catch you later. I stopped and removed my jacket then rejoined the trail. I hadn’t gone far when I saw Yaders cap lying on trail so I grabbed it hopping that I would see him again as I didn’t want to go on much further. 
I pushed on down the trail  and was surprised to see him sat under a tree by a creek taking  a break. Your hat sir.

Yader & Snailtrainer

We both checked our apps, There was more water  at  .8, I  was going to water up there and then look for a flat spot to camp.
Yader had similar plans. I took off and was soon in what appeared to be in a park as I noticed several cars. Actually this would have been ideal place to  camp.
As I went to cross the road I noticed a tin of beer with happy Trails written on it so I stopped and drank it.

Oh that’s so good. I savoured every drop.before crushing the can and putting it in my pack.
I heading off and soon came to the water. I filled all my bottles and was just finishing when yader came past. 
See you at the bottom Snail.I stowed my water  then set off after him, and not far down the trail was his bloody cap again. So again I grabbed it.again.
The trail carried on around the side of the mountain as It seemed reluctant to head down to the road below and was torturing me. As I just wanted to put up my tent, but the trail just kept going
Twice I went to I investigate possible spots but they would have both been bad compromises. Then just to my right I noticed Yader and around the corner the perfect spot for me.
I dropped my pack then climbed down to Yader. Your hat again sir next time $10 lol
Then went to set up 

My spot seems fine and the milage not bad considering all the climbs (big climb tomorrow)



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