DAY 69 Heading to Twin Lakes Day 2

JUNE 21st

My alarm went off I silenced it.

But I could hear movement. 

At 5 am my alarm went off ,I snoozed it,and again on the third one I switched it off and pulled the bung on my mattress. 

I love that hiss.

I was slightly   chilly as I emerged from my cocoon. Quickly put on my puffy and shorts and went for a  I opened my tent flaps I was surprised to see at Keebler  was entirely packed up.

Omg he is keen. 

I returned to my tent stuffed my sleeping bag into its compression bag and stowed it.

Rolled up my mattress and put it too in ins stuff sack

Pittsburg  packed up at a much more sedate pace. But he’s fast and although  Keebler  was marching out  to the trail . Pittsburg  would quickly catch him.

I emptied my tent and filled my pack. I Unclipped  and unpegged  my  tent.tgen before packing it away put on water for tea.

Then packed tent. When that was done I made tea whilst putting the bits into my pack. 

Lastly I drank my tea.clipped my cup to my pack and I was done.

See you up the trail I said to Pittsburg  as I made my way back to the trail. 

The first osrt was a bout 2 miles off up on a jeep  track. They have engines so don’t care.

I seemed to have better speed this morning and was climbing it quite feet crunched over the ice reminding my fingers how cold it is.

At the top of the first segment I noticed a path marker which  cut a big piece off of the jeep road. So I took it it was a bog… but luckily as it was so cold it was all frozen so I could walk across  without getting wet feet.

Halfway along I spied Elk . Lots of elk about 40+ elk. I stopped to capture  them on film.

Wow and the noise they made was awesome. 

Okay Snail you have hot te video of Elk .now let us do miles.

I carried on .on this path  eventually meeting up with the jeep trail.

As I rejoined I could see Pittsburg  towards the bottom ,he will soon catch me.

Once at he top it was time to go down. The jeep trail snaked down the mountain for miles and miles.but once again the scenery  was just wow.

Down and down I spiralled,wow rhis is a long track. 

Soon I heard a weird noise .but it was only Pittsburg  with his ear buds in singing

He quickly passed me and i became the chasser

At the bottom was Mirror lake.  I had to cross several small streams,before being able to walk around  it but the path soon vanished and you had to use to use rocks (stepping-stones) to  navigate around .

Mirror Lake

But then the path/ road reappeared . I could just see Pittsburg  in the distance so followed in that direction.

The dirt track carried on passing another trail head with toilets and beams to tie up horses.

The sun was now out and it was going to be another beautiful day.

I pounded down the trail feeling very happy. Wow that’s a great camp spot. And wow that’s  a great camp spot. In fact there were numerous places to camp.

Okay almost  10.30 i will stop for a break shortly.

There that’s a perfect spot.

I sat on barrier made to stop skidoo from entering the forest.

I opened my app to check on the water availability. 

Omg Fuck fuck.somehow I had missed a turning and was on a snowmobile track (mainroad)

I said a few more f*ucks  very loudly. 

Okay I’m not walking back. .if I carry on it’s a bit like a dog leg and I should be able to get back on trail and use the timberline trail to intercept 

Perfect okay thats plan A

I felt much happier now so continued down the road.

As I walked a buggy  came up and a buggy went down ,then a oldish camper van made its way slowly up.

In the distance I could see houses (Cabins) I eventually arrived in Tin can  .I walked through. I would guess these ate people summer cabins as most had shutters on there windows and doors.  Okay  get to the cross roads turn right that’s simple. 

When I got there.the road was being graded .by a huge scraper  and behind that was a water truck  .

I watched for several minutes quite fascinated.

Then I noticed the local shop. 

I dropped my pack outside and went and brought  a gatorade. 

I sat in the morning sun watch  dad’s and their young children  fishing in a small pond opposite.

The owner of the shop said we often get hikers in and I can hold their  food boxes and do laundry for them. 

That’s great I said .I will post that on Facebook.

I sat watching the world go by. I was just  about to leave when the store keeper Gave me another gatorade  free for the trail. I thanked him  shoved it into the back of my pack  then headed out.

A little way down the road I noticed  a lot of something in the trees. When I got closer it was full of old tin cans. I later found out this was the local dump for the mining company that was once there. . I carried on down the road until a car stopped and asked if I needed any help?

I’m trying to get to cotton wood trail said.

No problem .he open the door and pulled up he seat then opened the trunk. 

I pushed in my pack then got in 

The driver was from Texas but has a cabin here . This man had rescued many hikers on the past and referred to himself as an Angel. His companion was intrigued by this and wanted to know about the Cdt  etc .when I started and what I carried.  It was a really great journey  to the cotton wood trail.

I thanked the driver and his companion and got out

I thought the driver was going to hug me but instead he laid a hand on my shoulder and said a prayer 

For me. I was completely humbled. 

I retrived my pack thanked them both and set off up the trail to get back to my trail. 

The path was fairly steep. But whoop I’m back on trail. 

But I’m behind shedule now. Oh well i will just walk and see what happens.

The trail was actually well maintained enabling me to get a resonsble pace plus it appeared 


I  was really enjoying myself  but it was nearing lunch time and I was hungry.

When I came upon a stream . It was the perfect place to stop. 

I dropped my pack filtered water and ate my lunch.

Okay snail let’s go we need 22 lol

The afternoon  was similar to the morning nice trail, not too much climbing. I pushed on , the trail meandered in and out of the forest  and then beganbto climb and climb sharply… I began to puff and puff.until at last it leveled and then began to snake down. It looked  like we have  skirted an old bog.

As I came out of the trees I was met with another gorgeous lake. I know I gave seen loads  but they all look so gorgeous .

The trail followed around. But then I lost the trail.okay this way

I came to a large metal bridge over the river. Once again it looked just so beautiful.  Clear sparkly water flowing beneath.

I crossed over . And was in two minds to stay it just looked so picturesque. 

I stood there for 5 minutes trying to make mind. 

But it’s 2 miles to where the official Cdt is…..

I hoisted  my pack and marched off down the road. The sun was now extremely hot and I was pleased to have shade

I the distance I could see a man and his dog. I watched him stop and snap on the lead. Seems to be customery here.makes sence to me 

As we passed we said hi and the dog barked at

A few more yards and I was at a  wide  stream. Hmm how am I going to cross that?.

I luckily  found a large branch across it and with my poles wa able to tightrope walk it great dry feet

On the other side was another woodland with numerous firepits.

I decided to stop for another break.  I got water and filtered it.

I’m curious about fire pits and what people leave.on the first one I found 4 aluminium  tent pegs  and then another.

I lined them up  on a large rock then went back to my pack..

As I sat a very quite Jeep  came down from my right and through the stream  I had just crossed.

I love a jeep to play out here with    big sigh lol.

Okay come on snail let find that trail…. I carried on up the road backed by huge mountains . Again its just so pretty out here.

Okay the road is a dead end sotge Jeep deriver must have just driven up and gone back.. 

Okay im back on trail…..

But omg it’s steep. The trail just climbed and climbed. No switchbacks  just up.witj the obligatory  downed tree and trees to climb over.

I struggled up the trail puffing and panting like an old train and yet tge trail still climbed and climbed. 

Omg omg .puff puff. I began to hear running water or rather gushing water and soon I could see a fast flowing creek  on my left further on I had to cross it. 

Luckily I found a log  so my feet are still dry.

I checked my app my target was in .5 of a mile.  But still the trail climbed  omg  come on I said to noone.

I plodded on and up and then I could see flat spots  perfect  perfect. I quickly found a decent spot and then went for water.

I soon had my tent up and tea brewing. 

But once again the Mossies  were determined to spoil my party. 

I gave my legs and arms a good spray. But they were just bloody annoying.  I msnged to cook tea and eat it before giving up and hiding in my tent

But today was a good day

Mileage  22

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