DAY 67 leaving Salida

June 19th

The alarm went  off at 7am I snoozed it and dozed. I getting bCk on trail today but there is no hurry. The alarm went off 2 more times before I silenced it.

I got up at 8  very relaxed s d hopefully refreshed. 

I got dressed and went to get breakfast. It was fairly empty so grabbed coffee ,orange juice.  Eggs sausage and hash.  Think I timed it just right as the next minute the place was heaving. 

I took my time.  Refilled both coffee snd orange. Then when I had eaten the cooked breakfast I toasted two  bagels .smeared them with butter and jam.

I was just about to eat one when Blister arrived and joined me . We chatted about the weekend and if hewas heading out. Indeed he was 

I finished my bagels and left him to enjoy his breakfast. 

Okay snail ….all of this needs to fit into this  pack !!

Well it eventually did. 

Okay im done.i wanted to try and return a pair of shoes to salomons.but it was now Sunday and i would  need to  speak to someone I left them in the bin in my room. 

Okay  i lifted  my pack .scaned the room once more and left.

I walked across the road. Dropped my packand held out my thumb. 

In the distance I saw to other hikers cross the road and begin waking up towards me

It was xx  & xx  we had met each other on numerous occasions  but i can’t remember their names.

Do you mind if we make a three?

Not at all j said  as my arm was aching. Lol.

As we stood their with our thumbs out Blister appeared.  

We  wished each other well and he walked up the road a little further.  And bloody he’ll a car instantly stopped for him

Hows that for luck!!

Buy then another car stopped but room for 1 so my ride.

See you guys soon I said.

My ride  works for a surveyor for the forest.he td me about the dead tress. The beatles etc .it was really informative. 

Then we were here.i thanked him and grabbed my pack . As I began to get ready,Blister appeared he must have visited the store first. I think we are going to get wet?

BLISTER  passed me and headed ip the switch backs as I was still trying yo decide if I needed my rain jacket on. The sky’s them turned black and the decision was made for me. 

I just had time to get my pack cover on when whoosh the  rain  came almost biblical at times.

I just pushed on. I was fairly happy until my hands got cold.

Dam I need to buy some proper waterproof warm gloves.

There were a few small climbs but the trail was mainly running along the hill side.  Until it dropped down  and another trail head. Because it was raining so hard I was reluctant to get my phone  out so wasted a bit if time trying to find the trail. 

At last but now it began to climb I was heading upto the ski-runs  and funny thing is they are usually high up.   And  they were.

I climbed and climbed although  not super high I struggled to catch my breath. But walking through the deserted place with the gondolas , wheelhouse and run signs just fascinated me.

At last the trail split off  and as the rain eased and the mist’s  faded I wasn’t pleased to see what was in front of me…

Several very large hills with the faint line up them that was the trail. Great I sighed.  And pushed on . Each  hill seemed to be double the size of the last one.

I struggled up them one by one not helped by  the  wind.which luckily wasn’t as fierce as it had been..After my last hill the trail ran parallel  around ut but thectrail was scree snd hard to walk  over .There appeared to be a fair amount if snow here but it seemed to have avoided the trail.

I could now see down into the vally and could make out a fine line that could be the trail.

I took a quick break and found thst I had cell service. It was nice to receive  lots of Father’s Day messages kids.

I switched back to aeroplane  mode to save juice and began my decent. I was them caught by  Pittsburg & Keebler   Although they stopped for a break at the first lake. 

I was feing good so kept on going and it helps as I was heading down.  I passed the 2nd lake 2 miles to the next. That would be my goal and should be about 5ish.

I pushed on still heading down. Then a runner passed me omg how can he run over this loose rock when I can’t even walk over it

Eventually I came to the next lake. It looked so beautiful and that was in the rain!. There was a board telling you about the lake and fishing and releasing what you had caught.  Okay I thought to the next lake. AS I was pondering the boys came past . I set off after them  and caught them crossing a super new bridge.

After I crossed the bridge the trail headed down steeply

But wow trail maintenence was happening . They you part of trail was being rerouted and the rest was  really  well prepared. Level and decluttered. As I walked on the rain returned much heavier than earlier bugger I thought.

Eventually I came to another bridge and could see tents my two freinds had just finished erecting  theirs and were jumping in. 

I quickly found a spot and did the same. Once  organised I went and got water then cooked.

Actually not a bad day 

Mileage   11

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