DAY 66 ZERO in Salida

JUNE 18th 

So great to have a lie in ,in a soft comfortable bed , but even though its a zero I have chores. I got up and went to see what they provided for breakfast.  I grabbed a coffee ,scrambled egg, sausage and hash browns. The breakfast was tasty so I had more washed down with orange juice and to finish off toasted bagel with jam.
Okay to the post office. 
It seems recently that what ever end you stay at in town every thing is the other end !!

Typically every thing in Salida is downtown over a mile away .
But it’s a lovely day as I set off in search of the Post office and its a carnival weekend so there is a buzz in the air.
I walk past about a dozen floats and people in costumes.
Eventually I find the post office and yes both pairs of shoes are here. (Thank god !) I bounce a pair and take the others with me.

I watch the rest of the procession before window shopping.
There’s a great outfitter in town with a great selection , there’s a few items I quite like but the price is too high.
But they have sterilising tablets which I’ve been looking for, for my water bladder so result.
Just around the corner there is street dancing luckily opposite a bar so I enjoy a few pints and a Rueben’s (sandwich) whilst i enjoy the dancing
NB this Rueben’s is the best so far.

As I wander back I’m pleasantly surprised at the houses, all different shapes and sizes and all unique . 
Once back I try and track down my missing packages, ideally it’s best done on a pc not a phone, sadly it’s just not user friendly. Okay next town then.
Okay it’s a zero, so time to relax ,crap tv, a couple of beers and chips 
In-between I slowly packed up  
Back to the trail tomorrow, fingers crossed with the weather as  its looking like rain 
And fingers crossed for a ride.

Mileage   Zero


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