DAY 64 Heading to Salida day 4

June 16th

I slept  so well nice spot but in the morning it was bloody freezing.

So I switched off the early alarms and finally emerged at 7am shocking lol.

It was a quick pack up as the bloody mossies  seem to love me

The morning trail was so nice and easy I was annoyed  that I didn’t go on  but I was exhausted..but being where I was I had cell service so could get my phone sorted. 

The morning forest  was really airey  and cool in the morning sunlight. I saw my first squirrel. Funny I thought I would have seen more but its another animal to tick off my list.  A little further  I came across  mother and Daughter hiking they were just doing a small section of the CDT.

I wished them well and we went our different ways. 

The next water was in 7.6 miles  so thst was my morning target except about an hour in  watch died.  So after the next climb I stopped took off a layer and plugged my watch into my battery pack. OK  now  we can get that water. The trail was fairly  littered with rock  but i felt I had good pace.i was in forest for mostbof the morning then dropped down into a lovely meadow.this meandered for a while before  heading into another forest.  I was on another forest road that  suddenly began to climb and climb quite steeply .I soon needed another break. I needed a log, there perfect. I dropped  my pack . Next to me on the log was a pair of abandoned  glasses. Mmm better than mine.

I chomped on a snickers and glugged  some water. 

Okay trail…but this road climbed  even more steeply.  Come on snail you got last it evened out and I could make more pace.

The trail headed down and then across  several meadows.  As I walked down the trail I could hear the sound of water. Great . I stopped and filled two bottles then looked for somewhere to have lunch.

I big fir tree with lots of shade. 

I dropped my pack and filtered my water then had lunch.

Spam packet, trail mix. Jelly worms and apricots yummy. 


Okay milage I had done 8. Could  I squeeze in another 8 this afternoon.. but there was a huge climb at the end ..  oh well let’s go.

The trail was very easy  few ups and downs but good to walk on 

Then I heard a weird noise I stopped and behind me came two dirt bikes. Wow.  Don’t know why but I found this really  amusing.  Bastards didn’t offer me a lift lol..

I pushed on and in several hrs came to another stream ,I decided to water up  in case I didn’t make my destination.

I hadn’t gone much further when the climbing started. It wasnt that steep asi new what was coming it was about a 1000ft climb but you  normally  climb a bit go down a lot climb some more etc etc.

At last I gotvto the big climb and to  make it more fun the mossies  returned. I don’t know whatvthey like about me but then desended on me in clouds. Every time I stopped to get breath they attacked  FUCKERS….they  are not supposed to be out yet so I am not carrying any spray.

The climb was really steep and long and trying to swat these bastards away  is a nightmare. Several times I stopped and let them land so I could splat them but it was just a pain.

At last I was out of the forest  and with a bit of a breeze they vanished. I began to head down  and was looking forward to a nice camp site..

..but omg  no. They trail dipped then climbed straight ip another mountain.  FUCK no I’m not doing that tonight.. as I said this the mossies returned on mass.

I quickly scouted for a tent spot.

Perfect.  It was up in record time 

I threw I  my pack zipped ip the tent and I was done.

I ended up cooking on my tent. Not something I like to do

But I have room

So beef stew tonight and now bed.

Mileage  17 whoop

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