DAY 63 Heading to Salida day 3


i was slow to get up as it was cold.When unzipped my tent I noticed another had joined me.

Although I did hear someone arrive last night.

I packed up drank my tea and I was off. 

I imeadity was in a forest a green full of life forest but I was heading down and steeply.

The forest exited out on to a foot path flanked with young trees.

But them this opened up into another forest road that  gently headed down  near he bottom in the valley  was  a tent (swiss monkey’s)  God I bet he was cold I said to myself (the bottom of valleys  always are)

The trail  then crossed over the highway and proceeded up the hard shoulder. Mmm that’s quite safe!!.  But then dived sharply left over a cattle grid and down another forest road. I followed this for some  while enjoying the scenery. But at 9.30 I took my customers break. I was just about to stop when a sobo colorado trail person came by. When chatted for a while. 

The trail now followed the contours  of the hills. In the distance I could see the main road but at 7am it was deserted. The trail crossed over a meadow. I stopped at a stream to grab a bottle just in case. 

I finished my break and set off up the road it was steep  but eventually  evened out. 

I was nearing the trail head.

I passed over another cattle grid and then turned right into another forest.

This is when I hated this part of the trail.!!!!

Once in the forest I began to climb and climb and climb no switchbacks 

 just steep up and up and up.

I was imeadity  struggling  and still i climbed  most of trees  were dead  and the sun was baking and there was no water up here so I was being cautious  with mine. I was still climbing  omg where is this going it then decided to drop like a stone  but these downs were do steep no switchbacks and the trail was littered with rock so I was walking very cautious  then it was straight up again  bloody he’ll this was mad. I was just looking for a suitable spot to break  when swiss Monkey arrived. 


I just saw a bear behind you he said 


We chatted for 5 about how I  was hating this forest bit

Then he was gone . I headed down again. Another crappy down and then guess what another straight up I was about halfway up when I must of disturbed another bear. He was a big brown chap  and went crashing down through the forest.

I wish I could move that fast lol

When I reached the top  I took another break . 

Okays water in about 2 miles

It was another down but only  halfway and then it began to climb. I was really struggling and needed another break all ready as it was just so hot.

I was just getting my breath back when Blister came pass. 

Yes its a crap section he said  but he was doing much better than me . Water in 2 miles he said 

Thanks I said . And sat down under a tree. 

I took 10.minutes  then went back to the trail. 

I was still struggling  but was pushing 

AT last I csme to the water and blister was having a break. 

Well done he said 


It was him who was camping next to me last night.

We chatted for  a while before he set off again. He wanted 10 more miles

I would be happy with 4.

As there was no water ahead o filled up both bottle’s. 

This is heavy and I also knew the trail was going to be up for at least  4 miles such fun.

I set off slowly and chugged up the first hill.hoping there may be a down. 

But no it wound its way across a field then disappeared  into another dead forest. FUCK FUCK I said out loud and pushed on up and into the forest.  Once in the trail climbed sharply up. 

And to make it worse  every time I stopped I was mobbed by mossies. Fuck…..

This trail was so do steep and never ending I was in it for another 2 hours at last I exited into wide open meadows I really wanted to throw   up my tent as I was exhausted and fed up

But I wanted the hill gone. So I slowly trudged up it sweating .

That’s it I’m done  dropping my pack. I paced around  trying to find  a flatish spot where a tree would not fall on me.

Right tent up

Not a great day  but  manged 17

Phew   time to sleep

Milage  17 

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