DAY 62 Heading to Salida day 2 passing 1000 miles

June 14 th

I slept really well but woke up to a cold morning so several snoozes and before I began to get up.
I packed up and was surprised to see another tent  when I emerged from mine.
I visited the luxury of a seated toilet, Oh joy lol and no digging.
I drank my tea and woofed my oats then I was off.
The trail was really easy and flat so I could have done extra  miles yesterday but my foot was giving me grief and was hot toward the end of my day and so I didn’t want to push it.

Today with a goods nights rest and new socks it seems fine. It was a beautiful morning and was heating up already and I was getting hot ,but didn’t want to  stop just yet.
The trail was undulating  but easy to walk although some cliff edges were a little slippery and so i had to be careful not to slide of into the valley below as I was still following the river down the valley. 

Oh I need to now cross and the path was steep down to the river. 
At the river ,were the remains of a bridge  we’ll  both sides no middle so I just waded across. 

One over it was a climb back up the over side and into a meadow before heading back into the forest.
The forest was cool to walk through but then i was back into the sunshine as i headed into more open meadows . I spent the next 2 hours walking through these, the river now on my left. It was approaching  9am so I took a break, dropped my pack and went to get water, as I approached dozens of very very  nice
Trout swam off.
I decided that my bladder needed refreshing, so I poured the remainder into my cup and guzzled it down before adding fresh water then some electrolytes and lemon flavour.
I was just finishing off when a elderly  man who was doing parts of the Colorado Trail  arrived. He was very chatty and had some useful information. 
I thanked him and headed off, the trail now became a forestry road that soon entered the forest. I continued on and then began to climb, a steep climb but I was managing okay . After about a mile I passed a tent. I shouted  at the tent several times  as its odd to see a tent up in the daytime. 
I wanted yo go check just in case, But I wanted miles. 
At last the trail began to head down and exited into a bright sunshine i continued on but could see the road snake away into the distance.

I pushed on admiring the amazing views in front of me.
At 12 I stopped for lunch under a tree, but it as soon as I sat down the wind blew like crazy.
I tool of my shoes and socks to air my feet as my left foot had been a little tender so I added some cushioning to my big toe.
After 20 minutes I packed up and resumed the trail that snaked off into the distance. I plodded on just enjoying the trail and great views. I noticed water to my left so thought it wise to grab another litre .
The trail climbed some more before dropping down into another valley. To my left I could see a ranch and lakes but typically the trail went the other way.  As I waked the wild flowers were all in bloom, so pretty  I then passed the corpse  of either a wolf or coyote. ..nice 

The trail meandered through the countryside but phew it was getting hot.
As I was approaching a stream that crossed the trail, I was amazed to see so many swallow tailed  butterflies ūü¶č  all landing to drink which was so beautiful  to watch.
Okay snail Miles , I needed those miles. A little further up the hill and  Bloody he’ll wow and Fuck yes.

There was the 1000 mile marker Whoop whoop 1/3 distance
I took the obligatory  photos  Shouted Fuck yeah a few times very Loud then continued.
My dirt road now changed to a wider dirt road that snaked away into the distance.
I checked my app as I was drinking a lot of water as it was so hot, Should be water on the next bend.
Yes there it was ,I dropped my pack and removed my 2 empty bottles  I was just filling up when a camper van appeared and stopped.
Would you prefer fresh water.?
Yes please. i replied
The driver said yes you want to make sure your filter now as there’s plenty of cattle in the hills and very busy beavers and so you don’t want to get Beaver Fever. 
I laughed
The lady then gave me a orange and coconut drink OMG  that was so good .
I thanked them and continued on 
At an old corral the trail turned sharp right and headed up over more open plains. I pushed on and on chugging up the last bit.
My left food was beginning to complain again it just felt hot , in fact both feet were hot. I checked my watch it said 97 phew and the ground maybe hotter.
At the first decent tree I took a break, took off my shoes and socks to cool them both.
Okay lets go, the trail headed down  and followed another dirt road. My app said water was scarce  so at the next stream I bottled up.
In the distance the trail appeared to climb, oh well its been good all day. As I began the climb I spotted another hiker in the distance.

As I was resting¬† he caught me he was German, I said the next flat spot and I’m done.
I headed after him following this road until the trail took a sharp left.
It was now 4.30 s and I was ready to camp, I just need a spot as I was now tired. 
I plodded up the forest road, passing through several gates, but no flat spots. I was still walking as my watch showed me it was now 6pm
Bugger , then I spied a green spot through the trees, I walked off trail to the green bit. Wow it was like an open park. I found a flattish spot and my tent was soon up. 
Brilliant, what a day but  I was exhausted  But wow  23miles.

Night all

Milage 23 


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