DAY 61 Heading to Salida Day 1

13 June 

I was up and out if bed by 5 30 my fellow hiker Jader was also up

I stripped down my tent before makeing tea and instant oats

Okay lets go.

I waved goodbye to jader and headed out.they was a bit of a sketchy stream to cross then I was away.  There were really  good tent spots this side  too.

I made my way through a dismall forest then the climbing began  and AT  style straight up. Omg it was steep I pushed and stopped  for breath and repeated until I was up bloody hell that was a climb.  The trail now meandered  through the hill side but dead ahead I could see a fine line up a mountain. Omg that’s a  big climb too. it wasn’t long untill I started  . As I climbed the wind came a vicious  wind thst knocked you from side to side . Down below I could see jader start. . He will soon catch me .

I was really struggling on this section and the wind wasn’t helping.  God it was steep.  As I neered the top jader caught me then I noticed another hiker below. Where did he come from.

At last I was at the saddle but the wind was even worse . I couldn’t stand . So quickly went over the other side. But it was no better. The wind pushed you into  the hill  and when it stopped you almost fell over until it blew again. 

I was heading down very steeply and the trail was gravel  so very slippery.  The other hiker passed me and sped off. God knows how people do that. In the distance I could see a trail junction,one  went calmly  down the side the other went up.  Guess which is the Cdt. Ha ha.

I was nearing the bottom and saw that jared had stopped. 

I joined him for a break. He was saying  that we had climbed 2500 feet and had about another  1000 to do…. wonderful I thought.

Jared took off and in 10 mins I followed after him. The small hill in front  turned into another endless giant.  After that it was another meandering trail  but again in the distance was another huge climb up yet another mountain  I could just about make out Jader nearing the summit omg  more climbing.

I chugged up that one and as I went over  I could see Jader  far below but heading to start yet another large climb.  Really  I said  to myself is 

that all we are doing today just climbing. I was a bit cross but the trail is the trail 

At last I had finished that climb and the trail is now going down.

REALLY  yes it is . I zigzagging through rows and rows of my favourite  plant  but these had been cut back so no scratches  or swear words. 

I began to follow the river down the mountain and would follow it for about 4 hrs. Through numerous forests.

At 1pm I decided to take a break. My big toe was giving me grief

So I took off my shoes snd socks to air my feet . I then wrapped my big toe and the next toe.

Okay lunch I delved into my bag and began to munch.

Okay Snail I need those miles. 

I was back on trail and almost walked into a moose. I was lucky he wasn’t aggressive and just bolted  for the tress. Sorry wasn’t quick enough with my camera but 5 minutes  later I spied another. He was a  bit far away but I  got some video

Now I’m feeling chuffed as I pound  down the trail. But its  hot bloody hot . I have water in my bladder but some ice cold water is what i desire .So at the next stream I stopped and grabbed a bottle, I glugged half and I’m ready again. 

The hours are ticking  by and so are the miles but I’m feeling tired and my left foot is hurting. I really wanted to push on while the trail is flat but my foot doesn’t  want to play  . I am about a  mile from the trail head ,okay I will camp there.  And there is water soon.

I soon arrive at the water and fill up both bottle’s. 

It’s not  long until  the Trail head appears, I walk through as at the far end are drop toilets  and a place to camp.

I soon have my tent up and begin cooking

Later a couple of hikers pass by. God wonder where  they started.

Well I think a good day shame I’m so slow on the climbs  but 17 is not bad

Mileage  17

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