DAY 60 Leaving Lake City

12th June
My alarm sounded I snoozed it and again and again. Okay get up.
I left my tent and grabbed a towel from reception, visited the loo then jumped into the shower, oh that’s is just so good. Once dried I walked back to reception dropped my towel in the basket and grabbed my food bags and returned to my tent.
I slowly packed up, when almost done I grabbed my last fruit jelly from the fridge, quickly woofed it down then grabbed my pack and carried it to the gazebo.
I must admit I thought it would be heavier but no it seemed okay but yes it is heavy 
I dropped it by one of the tables and then took my bladder to the sink to rinse out before refilling with fresh water added two lemon packets. To be on the safe side I also filled up 1 bottle 3/4 full.
Okay it’s still early so I sat on one of the benches and chilled as I topped up my phone. I think I’m out of data until next week but that should be okay. 
There were three of us heading out, myself Jared and Gourmet .

One of the Staff* has agreed to shuttle us back to the trail head, It seemed longer to get there than it did for me to arrive.. Soon we were here I put a $20 in the drivers hand and removed my pack from the trunk.
Okay it’s almost 10am so will be quite happy with 10 miles today.

I hoisted up my pack crossed the road and I’m back on trail, Of course its a climb first just a little one 13,000 feet although I am not sure of the actual gain
The trail is good, uncluttered  but  its high and my lungs can’t cope even though the climb is not so steep As I’m stopping for air gourmet  passes me and is gone the bastard lol (youngster)
I push on one foot at a time, stopping frequently to gasp for air. I’m at the top within an hour which I’m fairly pleased with, the last bit is a bit of a scramble but I have made it. 
For the next hour I am crossing  wide open planes with a few bumps but it mainly flat meaning I can gain valuable miles. Up ahead Jared has stopped.
LOOKS like rain snail. So he is bagging everything up just in case.
The skies are fairly dark but its still warm, the next section is another climb  and then you cross the face of the mountain.

I had just climbed the first bit  when the weather began to turn. I quickly climbed over the saddle and hid behind a rock for shelter. I quickly shoved my puffy deep inside my pack and removed my rain jacket at the same time before putting my pack cover on.
Just in time… as from nowhere a snow blizzard appeared. I grabbed my umbrella and hunkered down behind my pack. It lasted about 5 minutes then it was  hail then it rained for 10 minutes until at last the  sun came out and I resumed the trail. 
I was amazed to see Jared way out in front, he must of carried on in that weather. Impressed  
I set off after him but he was a good mile ahead and we were climbing. The climb once again was long  but not steep and I was able to keep him in sight. I tracked him for several hours until I decided to take a break. I was roasting and so was pleased to take off my rain jacket and a layer. Phew that’s better.
I took 20 minutes, and checked my app. There’s water in 2.5 miles and it says camp spot, that will give me 11 miles perfect for today.
I pushed on and entered a lovely cool  forest ,there were the customary blowdowns  but not too excessive. The trail meandered through the forest before exiting onto the side of another mountain.  I thought the trail was going to run around the side of the mountain until I noticed switchbacks below me
I continued down almost  falling due to the slippery gravel, luckily a tree saved me. I continued down crossing several small streams, when I crossed a much larger one I knew that I was close to my campsite and so stopped and grabbed water.
The next section was a steep climb but the app said loads of camp spots…… I began to wonder where? until I exited out of the forest. Yes yes perfect. I began to survey the area. Yes this will do. 
As I dropped my pack , I noticed another hiker to my right..  it was Jared

Lol  good idea I said.
He was cowboy camping, not for me I’m in my tent.
A few yards in front  were several beaver ponds ,these animals fascinate me sadly no sign  of anyone being at home.
I quickly set up my tent and then cooked tea.
I treated my self to a  Mountain House chicken Teriyaki Have to say it was bloody good.
Okay 1 hot chocolate then its bed Night all

Milage 11 


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