DAY 59 ZERO 2 Lake city

Another lay in 

My second zero, fingers crossed for shoes 

The lady at the post office said I should try after

So  I’m just chilling  at the camp site listening to other  hikers stories. 

Okay to the  Library  as there  wifi  is much faster.

It doesn’t open until 10 am but I can pick it up outside.

I start uploading the videos  until the librarian  arrives.

Once in I decide to back up my phone so copy photos to an external USB drive. It’s slow nd I only do a couple of months.

But I’m alll good videos are all done  so feeling happy.

I checked the tracking for  rei and my shoes  and its didn’t look good. I gave Rei a call just in case as sometimes they can see or know more…  On this occasion they did not. Dam and @#£%^&

Oh well I had a box to post so I needed to go yo the post office  anyway. 

It was a hot day as I walked there ( It’s the farthest place Way ,)

The lady was really helpful  but sadly no shoes so she will bounce them to  Salida when they arrive

I thanked her and left.  I then visited the grocery store. Brought a bag of crisps. Outside was xxx and mountain goat. 

I brought a fruit pie and a can of beer.  Then headed back . But decided to try out the local brewery. 

It was very smart inside.  I sat at the bar and ordered a ipa 5%

It was tasty. I then ordered the 45 Ipa 7% and a reubens for lunch.

Both  really good.  I would of tried a third pint but at $7   it pushed  my already tight budget. As I am  Spending toooo long in towns.

And I had beer in my bag.

The local transport

I walked back to the library  and decided to order another pair of shoes and have them sent straight to salida. So hopefully 1 pair will be there.

I walked back to the camp  site and sat under the large veranda.

The two Brits were still here .

Cream tea &   xxx. I opened my beer and chilled with them as other hikers came and went.

Another English couple arrived who had been hiking with Dragonfly.

Dragonfly was the girl who fell down the mountain. Spent a night on the ice and was rescued by helicopter. 

Well she spent a couple of nights in hospital and now she’s back out on trail .. wow

Hopefully  I have managed to get a ride back yo trail tomorrow around food bag is heavy  as I’m packing out 7days of  food. And there is a big 14.000 feet climb  such fun.

Hopefully  my shoes will hold out for another 100 miles.

I do not look too far forward  but I am aware of the climb. And that it appears snow clear until the next section.

Okay im tired so head to my tent  to chill and relax   and drink my last beer.

Miles Zero


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