DAY 58 ZERO in Lake City

So nice not to have to get up early

So I lay in my warm bag  listening to the  river.

Okay I need to move.

Imade my way back to the communal  area and chilled.

Okay breakfast some hikers recommended the Bagel that’s where I headed. 

I ordered a breakfast bagel  and  coffee. The  bagel was immense  so tasty  and coffee was good.

Okay next to the post office.

I had 5 packages.

2 box’s i bounced . 1 pkt for my stuff sack .the patches for my jacket .from Rab.

1 box I picked up but no shoes.

Okay. I try later. Next shopping I spent  $130 for 6 days food phew

I lugged it all back to the RV Park and set about decanting

I think i have too much….

After  sorting out my blogs I went to the libary to  upload the videos

Whilst there I put in a missing box request to the post office …

We will see what happens.

Okay alll done  I headed back .

I then went and brought a 6 pack

Abd returned to the Rv I finished off editing while enjoying a beer.

I then got chatting to two bikers from Oklahoma.  

Later several of us hikers went out to dinner.

All good   so good night.

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