DAY 52 Heading to Lake city day 2

June 4th

I struggled a bit to get up even though I had slept really well 

Okay im.up I put on a brew as I began to pack up. 

Come on  snail  that’s was a messy get away

I flowed the trail as I was debating  how to get over a large log another hiker appeared  behind  me

God where did you come from. 

I must have camped near you as I saw you leave.

His name was Pat 

We walked a while him pulling me along  but I couldn’t keep thst pace up  so wished him good luck.

I was saying that there were less climbs today.

Oh good I thought I may be able to do a higher mileage..ha ha

But today I do not know why I struggled to get any pace.

I put an app on my phone to try and motivate me.

But no I plodded at my normal  pace . It was turning onto a lovy day so before the next climb I stopped to  take off my top.

That’s better.may need it on again at the top lol

Even though I was so slow I was really enjoying the trail. 

I had a few large bumps to climb but on the next down omg the blow downs were horrendous. 

And took some thinking.

Okay lunch time after  the next  climb  . Half way up there was a huge cairn.  Thst kept some one busy. I found a tree with some shade  and relaxed took off my shoes and socks .

Ate my last apple. Which tasted so good. . I checked my water I was low and the next was  almost 5 miles away.i can do that but   it makes you want to drink more now

I pushed on climbing and descending,jumping trees climbing and descending 

In a meadow was a huge snow hump and it was leaching water.

I stopped nearby and dropped my pack I scooped up water with my cup and poured it into my bottles.

Then I put my bug zapper in to make it drinkable. 

I was just finishing off with a French hiker named Jack  or zack.  Came by . We said the normslly greetings.

Okay snail we need more miles

Of course the trail now climbs and climbs 

Omg the climb just goes up and with snow.

I’m nit sure of these but it’s the trail. 

I headed up  at the top it leveled out at the end sat Zack.

Yes snail it goes up up and then along all the ridges he said pointing them out


I set off  the first bit was a slight   drop but then it cli.bed and climbed almost straight up. 

Zack  then shot past me . Wow how does he do thectime I had reached the top he was long gone. The  trail  now snaked up another the top I stopped to put on another layer. Then gave chase  haha.  The trail snaked along the tops  of the mountains.

Okay where is that water at last I began to fill up my bottles as I was getting camp ready.

But my destination  is a pond so do I need to carry water so I emptied half of each bottle . Spring  water has got to be better than  pond . Was my decision 

Okay 1 mile to  go but I needed yo cross six snow shutes for fun.

At last the pond came into view 

I chose the first spot put tent and ate dinner

Mileage 14

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