DAY 57 Heading to Lake city day 7

9th June

I slept oh so well and thankfully there  was no wind last night so a perfect spot. 

I was up and packed.  Nice one snail.

I downed my tea slung on my pack and headed out.

It was a cool morning as the sun was yet to get up

 Then trail was up but fairly  shallow.  I pushed on but I just didn’t have any pace. Which was unusual  as I had such a great sleep.  After an hour I stopped, what’s wrong with me. I woofed down a cliff bar. Full of protein but not one of my favs.

Okay lets try again.  It weird but if like magic this bar seemed to do the trick.

I pushed on  crossing large snow drifts  and crushing miles. 

I had good pace and was really pleased. I began to follow the contours of several mountains. 

Then emerged  at the vally with huge sides where once a glacier  carved its path.

I dropped my pack and stared ate another energty bar  took a few minutes break  then pushed on

I eventually emerged by another gorgeous  lake. A littlexwaycsheadxwas a hiker getting ready to leave and beyond him a tent.

But my path would be up

Itcwas a small climb  but then an even bigger one 

I stared at the climb. It wasnt steep but long .very very long.

Once again I struggled to breath and it took well over an hour to climb. I was stopping so often to catch my breath.  It was so annoying. At last I reached the summit. Thank god, I stopped and grabbed a litre of water .  Just in case as it was nearing the time for a break. As I crossed over the summit thectrail appeared to head down into the vally . But from experience this is not always true.

But …… yes the trail is actually heading  down. 

Great I can make up extra miles..although in places ge trail was steep and slippery with gravel so I had to be careful .

But I was  heading down  and was feeling  good. 

Down and down 

 In the distance I could see two hikers  coming towards me. 

When we got closer I could see it was cool whip  and  pokermom. 

We chatted for ages

I hadnt seen these two since wolf pass.  Thry were taking the Creede cutoff. And were now on their way back to Silverton. 

We wished each other good luck. 

I continued  down untill it was my break.  I filtered more water and ate more snacks.

Okay miles to crunch

I began and imeadity  headed up several miles later I  joined another jeep road. in in the distance I could see ATVs driving around. 

Once I passed  where they were the skies turned black and it began to rain and  hail. 

I continued on hoping it would pass which it did and the sun was once again roasting

But again the  skies turned black  and the process  was repeated.

So again I just hiked on.

Next the thunder came  and heavier rain. I spied an old broken log cabin  and headed towards it.

It was slightly  sheltered. 

I put on my pack cover.  My rain jacket. Took out my umbrella. 

And hid. It wasnt cold but more annoying 

After 15 minutes.  I headed out.head down and pushed. 

Thats all  I could really do. 

I just pushed snd pushed. Next minute I was nearing the trail  head .wow how did i do that 

As  I began to decend.  I saw movement  in the  bushes. 

It’s a moose no,it’s mooses.

I finally captured  moose.

Wow that made me so bloody happy. 

I pushed on then i heard noise behind me . It was a polar ATV. It was two  guys out touring.  

BUDDY  do you need a ride 

Great yes please .I threw my pack into the back then jumped in.

It wasn’t long until we were passing huge lakes dotted with  numerous cabins . Nice very nice 

A few shillings here ££££££$$$$$

My driver dropped me off at the post office. But. As it wa newat the hostel

But I then found out that itwas closed. 

There weee several hikers  here so i asked them where they were staying?

AT the Rv Park. Luckily a lady offered to drive me as it was at the far end of Town

As we drive I I noticed several other hikers.

I thanked my driver a d checked in


The owner showed me here I could camp.

So I quickly got my tent up.

Followed by a shower and laundry. So all clean 

Okay  dinner  I went with several other hikers 

I had cat fish and fries  thst was tasty. 

Okay night all.

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