DAY 57 Heading to Lake city day 7

9th June

I slept oh so well and thankfully there was no wind last night so a perfect spot. 
I was up and packed.  Nice one snail.
I downed my tea slung on my pack and headed out. It was a cool morning as the sun was yet to get up

Then trail climbed but fairly shallow.  I pushed on but I just didn’t have any pace which was unusual  as I had such a great sleep.  After an hour I stopped, what’s wrong with me so I woofed down a cliff bar full of protein but not one of my favs.
Okay lets try again, it is weird but if like magic this bar seemed to do the trick.
I pushed on crossing large snow drifts and crushing miles. 
I had good pace and was really pleased as I began to follow the contours of several mountains. 
I emerged  into a valley with huge sides where once a glacier carved its path.
I dropped my pack and woofed another energy bar, I took a few minutes break before pushing on.

I eventually came to another gorgeous  lake. A little way ahead was a hiker getting ready to leave and beyond him a tent. But my path would be up. It was a small climb but then an even bigger one followed
I stared at the climb. It wasn’t really steep but long very very long.
Once again I struggled to breath and it took well over an hour to climb as I was stopping so often to catch my breath. It was so annoying, at last I reached the summit. Thank god, I stopped and grabbed a litre of water just in case as it was nearing break time. As I crossed over the summit the trail appeared to head down into the valley but from experience this is not always true.
But …… yes the trail is actually heading down. 
Great I can make up extra miles, although in places the trail was so steep and slippery I was being over cautious so that i didnt fall .

But I was heading down and was feeling good, down and down.
In the distance I could see two hikers coming towards me, when they got closer I could see it was cool whip and pokermom. , So good to see them and so we chatted for ages.
I hadn’t seen these two since wolf pass. They were taking the Creede cutoff and were now on their way back to Silverton.  We wished each other good luck. 
I continued  down until it was my break, I filtered more water and ate more snacks.
Okay miles to crunch, I began and imeaditly began to climb until several miles later I  joined a jeep road. and in the distance I could see ATVs driving around. 
As I continued up this road the skies turned black and it began to rain and hail, I pushed on hoping it would pass but it became heavier so I headed for a old log cabin to shelter.
after 10 minutes the sun reappeared and I was soon roasting, I was just about to continue when the skies turned black again and the rain retuned so I huddled down . Next came the thunder followed by heavier heavier rain. I put on my pack cover, my rain jacket and put up my umbrella. It wasn’t cold but more annoying .After 15 minutes.  I headed out and pushed on ,that’s all  I could really do. 
Just then another ATV appeared, he stopped and warned me of the approaching storm and suggested that i take the next trail down into lake city, I hoped for a lift but none was offered .I just pushed and pushed heading down the old ATV mining trail .
The sun at last reappeared so i had to stop and strip off so decided to take a break at the same time

As  I began to descend.  I saw movement  in the  bushes. It’s a moose no, it’s moose, I finally captured  moose. Wow that made me so bloody happy. 
I pushed on then I heard noise behind me . It was a polar ATV. It was two  guys out touring. 
BUDDY  do you need a ride 
Great yes please .I threw my pack into the back then jumped in.
It wasn’t long until we were passing huge lakes dotted with  numerous cabins . Nice very nice 
A few shillings here ££££££$$$$$
My driver dropped me off at the post office , as it was near to the hostel except te hostel was closed. 
There were several hikers here so i asked them where they were staying?
AT the RV-Park, luckily a lady offered to drive me as it was at the far end of Town
As we drive in I noticed several other hikers.
I thanked my driver and checked in
The owner showed me here I could camp. So I quickly got my tent up.
Followed by a shower and laundry so i am now all clean 
Okay dinner I went with several other hikers 
I had cat fish and fries that was tasty. 
Okay night all.

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